Monday, June 01, 2009

Good Reasons to Appear Soon

Dear Z,

Here are a few nice dates for your birthday:

- 1st June 2009 (1.6.09) = Its the Queen's Official Birthday! You'll have loads of citizens of the British Commonwealth celebrating with you.

- 2nd June 2009 (2.6.09) = Its Mummy and Daddy's wedding anniversary!! (Which my silly hubby thought was the 4th of June. Sigh) Its also Aunty Anna's, Aunty Tiffany's and SUN's birthday.

- 3rd June 2009 (3.6.09) = You shall be a gang member from birth and terrorize us together with you jiejie. (hahahahahahahaha) Its also the inverse of jiejie's birthday (6.3.08).

- 4th June 2009 (4.6.09) = Er, it was the day of the Tiananmen Incident?

- 5th June 2009 (5.6.09) = World Environment Day! In honour of being environmentally friendly, come out won't you??

- 6th June 2009 (6.6.09) = Same day of the month as your jiejie... and.. and.. er.. I can't think of anything else!

- 7th June 2009 (7.6.09) = Whatever it is, you better come out by today!! Else Mummy will have to go for a C-section by tomorrow!! Urgh!!

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