Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happiness!! - Updated with RAK winners!

RAK drawing process:

1. Write down names on small pieces of paper. Separate into 2 groups - Boy and Girl.

2. Attempt to catch Sophie. In the meantime, papers get mixed up by the blowing of the fan.

3. Assess if I can hold a wriggling mouse in one hand while managing the papers in the other. Decide not to even try and get someone's assistance to hold Sophie while holding the papers!

4a.Tell Sophie to pick one.
4b. Yell "No, No, just ONE" repeatedly as she grabs for as many pieces as she can.

5. Pick up pieces from the floor, table, carpet, wherever they have fallen while she was happily throwing them around.

6. Put papers back in hand. Repeat till she happens to pick out ONLY ONE piece at a time.

7. Now, attempt to grab the one piece out of her hand as she refuses to let go. Hope that the piece will still be intact enough to read the name.

8. Realise that you forgot to take pictures of the process! Argh!!

9. Resolve to use a random number generator next time or something. Sigh.

And so finally.. we have:

RAK Winners:
Boy Boy - Khengyan
Girl Girl - Erna

Will send you both emails re pickup =)


After donkeys years on the old blogskin, I've finally changed it!!


Happiness - let's have a RAK!

Two RAKs! hurhur.
And they are really creatively named.. wait for it..

RAK #1: Boy Boy

RAK #2: Girl Girl

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA sorry couldn't think of any other names.

Since I'm too bushed to figure out how to make comments appear (lol), leave me a tag in my tagbox instead telling me which RAK you would like and why Oh yes.. Pls leave your blog url/email when you tag me too! Will pick the lucky winners on the 30th of June. =)

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