Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Destroyed from shopping forever

why would anyone shop in SG when you could get denim jackets for S$4 in Chatuchak?? I am SO counting down to the next time I can go to BKK man.

Such an interesting backdrop for the shrine.

Partners in crime: My Taling Jiawen, Heng Bros boss and khaikhai. Love this bunch of kakis, all positive, upbeat, on the right lame frequency and with great shopping stamina. The two guys are also suitably vain and metro enough to be good shopping company even for girly things.

We hit BKK on Thursday and spent the afternoon in Central World, followed by Patpong and Khao San. Patpong is such a chiongsters heaven, but you must be able to bargain like siao. Probably double or triple the price in other areas. Khao San was a nice place to walk in - very pasar malam vibe and not too expensive. Lots of interesting street food too.

Banana uncle and banana apprentice~

On Friday, we spent the day at Siam Paragon, Siam Central and then Siam Square. Roughly Ion / Taka, Heeren and Far East Plaza, in that order. I love the shops on Level 3 of Siam Central! Lots of one-off designer items (but still mostly too ex for the market aunty residing in my head). I also discovered Boots and No. 7, courtesy of our ever-

I've also realised that the shop names in BKK are, erm, interesting to say the least. We saw "What For?" followed by "Because I like it", "its happened to be a closet", and plenty of dates in shop names. The shop decorations are also really unique and I find it so refreshing to see different outlets differently decorated. its' happened to be a closet in particular works on a very eclectic concept with sofas, pianos, and even a nail spa as part of the shop display. And Playhound's display in Siam Paragon used different types of tapes (masking tape, scotch tape, packing tape, duct tape etc) to create a diagram on the shop wall. So creative!!