Thursday, July 31, 2008


Sophie is now getting started on solids. We have changed her cereal to Heinz instead of Nestle and she seems to be taking it well. So, we have also started to offer her some other foods to lick eg. apples, pears. And she just loves it and will chomp down really hard if we try to take them away!

My daughter the bulldog.. hehe..

the Qute Jul 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Jesus My Lord / My Jesus Take My All

New worship songs.. I love love love. =)
They are all indo songs.. indo revival man!

Standing in awe of Your grace / setting my feet in Your ways
Entering into Your presence / to behold You face to face
God of all heaven and earth /holding me in Your embrace
Unfailing love that surrounds me / O God I stand amazed
My Jesus My Lord / You're the love of my life
Wherever You go / wanna be by Your side
No longer I but Christ living in me /
Serving You for all eternity /
My eyes set on You /in this race that I run
No longer my ways / let Your will be done
Make me a servant my heart's ever true /
Clinging to the cross I follow You / I follow You

Mercies that rise with the new morn / Set me apart as a new born
Each moment I live / by faith I believe
With You I'm never alone
Darkness may come, trials seem so long / You are the light I depend on
Through valleys and storms / Your Word keeps me strong
My shelter, refuge and song
I trust in You
Everyday I live I know You are my God
I lift my face and worship You my Lord
Even when the mountains tremble and a thousand fall
I will stand with You, my Jesus, take my all

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Fall

Sounds like rain or snow doesn't it?

Nope, actually referring to Sophie's first fall.

She has now learnt to roll and rolled all over the place till she fell off the bed on Sunday night and landed on the floor. Fortunately there was no major injury, just a bruise on her forehead. But the poor girl of course bawled her head off. She was pretty good about it though, stop screaming after just about 10-15 minutes. So brave!

We rushed her to Mt Alvernia's A&E where the doc examined her and said she should be fine. My tough little girl! Yeah!

The funniest part was, we had just left Mt A from visiting Cheng + Francis new baby girl (Jennan!) and gotten home when she fell. In less than 2 hours we were back at Mt A again! So we decided to bring the little miss upstairs to meet Aunty Cheng. Too bad Baby Jennan was already back in the nursery by then and didn't get to meet Sophie-Jiejie.

Quote Tiffany:
The first fall is always the most scary. After a while, the threshold to go to A&E becomes very high.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

11: Four Months / 002: My Wardrobe's Community

More scrapping managed over the past week. Heh.

#11: Four Months
Started on the first of a series commemorating each milestone at different age stages of the little miss. I have so many things in mind but no inspiration for exactly how I want things done yet!

The two milestones commemorated in this page are that she can lift her head up more stably and for longer periods of time, as well as trying solids for the first time. So the picture shows her lifting up her head, while the trying solids is represented by the metal circle - don't laugh, its actually the foil cover from her first ever tin of cereal. =P

Also used those little clips that you would normally use for clipping paper together to make "clothes pegs" from which to hang the letters in the word "months". The clips have been sitting on my school table for ages, I don't favour them as they are much too small to hold the amounts of paper I need to handle. Finally found a use for them! As they are quite plain, I stuck on some embellishments too - a felt dove, flower and bling. How?? I think I cannot live without my blings!

In case you cannot read my chicken scratches, it says:
Between three to four months you became more stable on your tummy. You were able to lift up your head for longer periods of time! All the better to see the world around you! And just after 4 months, we tried feeding you your first taste of solids - cereal in your milk. That's the tin cover above! You loved the cereal but your little tummy wasn't ready for it. We'll try again in a few weeks!

#002: My Wardrobe's Community
OK all you non-Bio people will probably not get it, but the word "community" in Ecology is used to refer to all organisms of all species that occupy a particular habitat. So the idea behind this layout is to showcase all the brands of clothes I have! I had plenty more labels I was saving up to include, but our (EX!!) part-time cleaning aunty threw them all away! Ugh!

**Digress!! That cleaning aunty is really ultimate. She throws away all sorts of our stuff every time she comes, unfortunately she comes on a weekday in the morning so I am never at home to tell her off. But the champion thing was when she threw away my unpaid credit card bills, including the cheque that was already written (but not yet posted). To cancel the cheque cost $30! OMG la!! So that's why she's our EX cleaning aunty. Sigh. End digress.**

This layout is an attempt in the "grunge glam" style. Although its not really grungy (no distressed papers, frayed cloths or stained edges, I found it really fun to do as you don't have to care the slightest bit about colour matching - well at least I threw all my colour matching to the wind! And I pretty like the result.

Did a few "draft" versions to see how the various labels would look in different arrangements. And eventually I decided on this one.

versus the final layout below:

Details details! Enormous silk flower and a velvet brad.. yummy! Mounted on a pink vinyl/rubber tag that was attached to the back of the "I am drug free" metal tag that *ahem*everyone*ahem* in school has except me. See what I can do with such stuff? So donate your tags to me, quick!

Lovely iron-on dragonfly! Living an alternative life as a scrapbook embellishment. Oh well..

Wood flourish from Kaiser Crafts. I heart them! It kind of came about by accident as I needed something to hold the folded silk flower down. The wood flourish does quite a good job of it I must say.


I am too lazy to type out the (long) ingredients list now, will do it some other time hopefully! Night!

Injection Day

Realised I have not uploaded the little miss' photos in awhile. Well here are some, taken on her injection day. Babies have to go for injection once every month on their 3rd, 4th and 5th month (ouch!). So Sophie gets to visit Aunty Tiffany very often during this period.

Posing happily on the examination table!

She has always been a brave girl during injection and doesn't cry or fuss. That's because we try very hard to distract her from the pain - how do we do that?? Here is the secret... it's..

Mummy's hair!!

Sophie always loves to have my hair dragging across her face for some reason. She will close her eyes and grunt in delight. Hehe.

Still a happy baby after injection! Yeah!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Accident Prone

I can't even believe myself that I fell down the stairs in school on Tuesday last week. =( Gotten myself a knee-cap size bruise and deep cut on my left knee, as well as assorted other abrasions and minor cuts on the rest of both legs. So I have been limping around everywhere since then. Thank God its more or less recovered already though I have to be very careful not to apply any pressure on the area else it will still be super painful.

Oh and as I limped to class on Wednesday and Thursday I proudly proclaimed to my students that I was literally lame. Hehe.

Also, I had my first accident ever as a driver after 8 years. In the past it has always been others bang me, I never bang into anyone before.Its a relatively minor one but was still a shock.
I was coming down the Thomson Road flyover, waiting in the very long queue to turn into Marymount Road. When one guy suddenly attempted to cut into my lane with no indicator whatsoever. So, while trying to avoid him, I hit into someone else's rear bumper. =( And of course, the fellow who tried to cut in immediately "gostan" back into his original lane and sped off, thereby saving himself $420 worth of repairs which has to be borne by me. Ugh!! Such irresponsible behaviour.. Sigh!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


We have tried feeding Sophie her first taste of solids yesterday. Added a little brown rice cereal to her night feed. And boy she really took to it like a fish to water, guzzled down the whole bottle in 5 minutes flat! Having her belly more full, she was able to sleep through till almost 6am this morning. Yeh! hopefully she keeps it up.. Normal sleeping hours are on the way for me.. yeh..

However, G smsed me today that Sophie has lau-sai'ed today. =( She likes the cereal but her digestive system is not used to it yet.. sob sob. Poor mouse!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

10: this is: Happiness / 001 I Love Your House

Here goes Sophie's #10 scrapbook page. 10 down, 10 more to go to fill up her lovely little album.. and its already bursted full and can't be closed! Cos I am crazy over texture and always have stuff that pops out of the page (i heart mounting tape!) Oops.. I guess I need to find a post extender for this album le. =P

This pic was taken some time ago one morning when she was in a very good mood. She is a morning baby and always like to laugh and smile. She was being held in my MIL's arms (one of her favourite places to be!) and G took a series of shots. Managed to think of an LO to scrap this first one into. I got my inspiration from this LO:
(from autumn leaves website - one of my *heart!* suppliers)

here is my take:

Its so pinky isn't it?? I'm trying to use up the pinky papers I have from my Melissa Frances SB kit. hehe. Used a pink checked to mat the photo and a Heidi Grace paper as the 8 x 8.

Tried decoupage for the first time on the tag - though I didn't have enough scrap pieces of paper to cover the tag, so I used a KCK ribbon (which I had no idea how to use initially!) to wrap the other 1/2 of it. Actually turned out not bad! But its so thick I had to mount the photo on double layer of mounting tape |||-_- just to get the tag to fit underneath.

I think the lace flowers are turning out to be my fave SB embellishment so far. They appeared on every page I scrap since buying them! hehe. Should go and get more..

Back of tag. My chicken scratches reads: "Laughing and cooing in grandma's arms. Always so easy to make you smile.. our happy baby. June 2008"
Mm, seems like I am fascinated by tags recently. Done 3 so far on all past 3 of Sophie's layouts. Hehe.

Also did my very first non-baby layout on a 12x12 page! Dedicated it to my church, CHC.
Words at top of page read, "I love your house, its where your glory dwells", and the words at the bottom reads "I love the atmosphere at Jurong West church hall. So homely and so anointed. Indeed the glory dwells there! How I miss Your house. Its where people come, into Your love, yes I'm going to tell the world - How awesome is this place!"

Those of you in CHC long enough will recognise the pictures.. they are part of a 3 postcard series that was given out when we first shifted into JW> yeah boy they are THAT old. hehe. I'm slowly digging out my old stuff to put into SB. The "queue" line is very long le.. I wanna scrap on my 2 BFF, my dog, my "history" with G, my ex-students, my own younger photos, my overseas trips, etc etc etc. Gosh!!

10 this is: Happiness
8 x 8 background paper from Heidi Grace (cut from a 12x12)
Photo mat from MF kit (cut from an 8x8)
Bottom border from Heidi Grace strips paper
Random ribbons from cupboard
"Laugh" metal tag from KQ
You are my Sunshine chipboard sticker and cloth butterfly a RAK from Dorcas at CAM
Ribbon across page and wrapped around tag from KCK
Buttons from AMK and Queen & Co
Paper tag from Spotlight, decoupaged with more Heidi Grace paper and DCWV pink cardstock.
Acrylic word sticker from Joann scrap essentials
Rubons from Melissa Frances Vintage transfers, Love Elsie Jack and Abby
Ribbon slide from Joann scrap essentials
Pink bracket from Heidi Swapp glossy chipboard
Happiness alphas from American Craft Thickers (Leg warmers in green felt)

001 I Love Your House
12 x 12 patterned paper from Cosmo Cricket Storytime collection
Rubon alphas from Artfriend, Melissa Frances Vintage transfers, One Heart One Mind.
Cardstock alphas from Heidi Grace
Chipboard alphas from K&Company - and I jazzed them up with blings teehee -bimbo-
Arrow from October Afternoon Detour
Making History tag from Making Memories
Acetate tag from Spotlight
Dove brad from KQ; blue flower brad from Tiffany
I'll be Home for Christmas sticker from Cosmo Cricket Holidays Alpha sticker book

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

09: Little Miss Inquisitive

Sophie is always looking around at the things around her. She's kind of like a sunflower - you know, turning to follow the sun? Or in her case, the newest source of amusement / interest. So here's a page for Little Miss Inquisitive! Used one of the papers I ordered in from Cosmo Cricket at Ooh yummy. US scrapbook stuff is just so gorgeous! And so super cheap compared to SG, even with shipping thrown in! If only if only I could go again, I would surely buy a bulging suitcase full of scrap stuff.

The page reads "Hmm / Little Miss Inquisitive / Let the story begin / Through the eyes of a child."

The front of tag reads "You can outgrow everything except for my heart"; back of tag (which I couldn't capture before my camera died for lack of batteries) reads "So curious, little miss. I wonder what you're thinking of as you view the world? How strange and unfamiliar everything must seem. May you never lose that sense of wonderment."

One of my shortest pages so far! {happy} - it means I am getting more organized and better with putting my ideas to actuality.

Ingredients list:
8 x 8 paper, paper strip, and journalling tag from Cosmo Cricket's Little Girl Biography collection
Half a punch-out flower (used a hole punch to punch the holes at the edges), tag holder and HMM letters from Making Memories Punch Out Pad
Twill and velvet ribbon from Cosmo Cricket
Buttons from Autumn Leaves' Foof-A-La Bag of Buttons
Star eyelet from KQ
Translucent sticker ("Through the eyes of a child") and transparent letter stickers from MAMBI baby sticker stack
Fig 1, 2, 3 stickers (hahahahahaha so teacher hor??) from Daisy D's Photo stickers
Doodlebug cardstock stickers for the word "inquisitive"
My fave blingblings from AMK's pasar malam
and lace flowers from AMK ribbon shop

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Four months / Mouse, Version 1.0

Sophie-Mouse is 4 months old today!

In the past month, she has
- learned to hold up her head more steadily and for longer periods of time
- learned to raise up her backside into the air when she's on her front. However she can still only managed either backside or head, not both, haha.
- become much more wriggly! its a challenge to change her clothes / diaper.
- had her right hand discover her left and vice versa, and both her hands discovered her feet.

She has been very fussy too yesterday. Which is quite bad for me as I am ill and very tired and long for nothing but sleep.. but its impossible to sleep because for some reason she can only be pacified by me? So I had to keep on holding /entertaining her for almost all of yesterday.

The next time we order in a Mouse, can we ask for some upgrades?
- Non-Fussy
- Low Maintenance
- Just as Cute
Will bear these in mind when we commence Project Mouse 2.0 in future. =P

Friday, July 04, 2008

Weekend comingggggggggggggg!!


I miss my baby.........
I miss my scrapping.....
I miss my SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!