Saturday, October 28, 2006

All I want for Christmas

Might as well put it up now so all you people who love me can start getting your dollars ready. Heh.

1. Black strappy heels
2. Cream strappy heels
(To these, ahemahem, my shoe size is 37 and I adore shops like Pazzion, Gripz, Mondo and Mitju.)
3. Cigarette pants (the kind that make your legs look oh-so-long and oh-so-slim! ahh~)
4. Purplepurplepurplepurpleeeee anything. =)
5. Stila concealer
6. MAC lipglass. A specific colour - translucent shimmery gold. Yum. (Updated! The colour is Go Lightly!)

New items on list:
7. Earrings from Fie
8. Stila foundation
9. Manicure and pedicure package
10. A Fujitsu laptop (Hey a girl can dream!)
11. A large slouchy ruched bag in fall/winter shades
12. A Year 2007 organizer. This seems easy but it's not! I am super picky about my organizers. Heh.

I shall put up more when my next bout of narcissism strikes. Teehee.

woo~ Looking forward to Christmas!

/ O holy night
/ the stars are brightly shining
/ it is the night
/ of our dear Saviour's birth
/ Long lay the world
/ in sin and error pining
/ till He appeared
/ and the soul felt its worth
/ a thrill of hope
/ the weary world rejoices
/ for yonder breaks
/ a new and glorious morn
/ fall on your knees
/ and hear the angel voices
/ O night divine
/ O night when Christ was born
/ O night divine
/ O night, o night divine

Christmas season always makes me remember the December of 2004, which I spent in San Francisco. The frosty coldness, swaddling in thick layers of clothes, darkening afternoons, fog and mist, steaming mugs of hot chocolate, five-storey high christmas trees festooned in lights... ahhh. I love cold christmases - it somehow just seems right for the season. =)

Friday, October 27, 2006

blardy yahoo auctions, them!

Just when I need to sell stuff to raise money, yahoo auctions goes on the blink in front of me. Boo.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

*singsong* its the holidays!!!


(omg omg goes off into raptures of freedom)

Things to do in the *singsong* looooong holidays!!!

1. Blog skins. Woo! An activity I indulge in once a year or so. Bwahaha. Perhaps I shall start a 4S5 blog and skin it? Mm.
2. Lose weight! By taking on Jingxuan's challenge of running and her personal exercise regime.
3. Christmas SHOPPING notice the emphasis on the SHOPPING! Teehee I love buying gifts cos gift giving is my love language. It makes for a poor but happy Ming. Heh.
4. Read books books and more books. Woo. Happy day is a day holed up in a public library and reading to my heart's content. And it's freeeeeeee! Refer to point 3 above.
5. Bake cookies and cakes and allsorts. I hate cooking but I don't mind baking.


but boo~ i am broke and in need of moolah. Not been this broke since uni days when my spine would regularly meet my stomach and lament about the lack of filling in both.
Anybody want to rain dollars from above??

practical ways to make the bucks roll in
: yahoo auctions, long defunct, here I come!
: want paying for blogskins! yarr right.
: more tuitions!
: act pretty, enter a contest and win myself a prize. Heh.

And of all times this has got to be the time when the Arise and Build is coming up. Help! What a stretch of faith that when I have nothing left, I need to look to the future and pledge.
Besides looking to the future, I need to look to the past. And be reminded of how God has shown Himself faithful so many times over. So many times when I thought I must surely "cannot make it liao", God has come through for me. Mustard seed faith that I have, please grow!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

sometimes we all just need a little..

.. fun for the hiddenchild in us..


.. escapism..

.. confusion..

.. quick-and-easy problem solving..

.. and the knowledge that females are diabolical hehehehehehe.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


There is a wall I cannot scale, the wall of the human heart.
I would love to have you open your heart to me but it seems like it just is not happening.
And when I question myself as to what I could have done better, I can find no answer.

Is it me? Is it me? Is it me?
the incessant question in my mind.

But when I look at the others whom I can connect to, I realise this disconnection, misconnection, cannot be laid at my feet alone.
Yet it seems like I am the only one trying to do anything about it.
She is not at all bothered.

How can we become more like God?
When we know His heart.
How can I make you more like me?
When you know my heart.

Find the cat

woo i love the furriness~

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Comment on this entry and:
1. I'll respond with something random about you
2. I'll challenge you to try something
3. I'll pick a colour that I associate with you
4. I'll tell you something I like about you
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your blog

Tagged: jingxuan, tiffany, jing, raine, juan.

Update: Reply from Juan!
1. Superwoman
2. Go with me for a baking class (Haha..i dunno if this counts!)
3. Gold or rather glam stuff (I like it when you really dress up. Hee!)
4. You are very meticulous.
5. Staring at every single water droplet that I failed to wipe off before returning stage tumblers to you at logis!
6. Lion (cos you are always courageous to try new things and have the confidence in yourself)
7. Hm how do you honestly find time for so many things-work, tuition, family and ministry?

Reply from Jingxuan!
1. you are the most glam unglam queen, and the tallest short person i know.
2. for the entire nov/dec hols, you must jog 2km and do 100 sit ups, 2-3 times a wk =D
3. Red/purple! your hair!!
4. you’re spontaneous and loud, but gentle too- all at the same time =)) oh and you look pretty in photographs ( hey, i said 3 nice things about you, can you tell me 2 more nice things abt me?)
5. i dont know if this counts: but at xmas service, jessica passed me cookies and said that they were from you, so i wondered who was this “sister huiming” while gobbling up the cookies.!
6. DORK! haha but you remind me of lioness because you roar; and i promise i didnt copy someone else’s response.
7. Can you please not ostracize against people who eat salads and take me seriously when i say i want to lose flabs too?

Reply from raine: u go...think may have duplication in answers but neber copy orh...honest to goodness. Hee.=)

1. Diamond: cos of the beautiful bling bling on your finger and why, you're a girl's best friend.
2. Come diving with me. teehee.
3. hmm....tough one, ohhhh....purple!
4. Your go-getter attitude =)
5. Back in Jurong West, i remember vividly of how you'll greet me with either "i need a hug" or "Do i look good?". heheheh
6. Scampy!
7. How do you manage to keep going with so few hours of sleep each day? Mdm, you're a superwoman.

Reply from Tiffany:
1. Dedicated
2. Try to sort out you and your other half's pics by the end of the year, write captions for them AND email them to me. Heh
3. Purple, just like the wall in your room
4. You are always so cheerful and colourful
5. Us hanging out together in HJC
6. Scampy, nuff said
7. Can me and KQ sit down to dinner one day with your other half? We want to know him better.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


but heck.
makes me happy to see me besties.

memories like these are the ark of hope when marking and admin flood my world.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

take all of me/

take all of me/
i give you my all for all of you/
move in your power/
open the heavens Lord today/
take all of me/
make us your light for all to see/
change this world we live in/
let your harvest in/
let your harvest in

you call us to follow/
and we place all we have into your hands/
you're all that we desire/
you show us your kingdom/
built into our hearts forevermore/
jesus our lives belong to you/


blinding pounding headache that's occupied the left side of my head and shoved my eyeball out of its socket to make way for its large throbbing self. On the way to gr0wth, development and differentiation, it will eventually metastasize to cover neck ache, back ache and finger cramp and perhaps, if its hardworking enough, toe cramp as well.

the side effects of concentrated marking.

now excuse me while my eyeball fights the monstrous headache to regain its rightful place in its socket. I need to give my eyeballs peace while they fight, no?

*NB. kidding on the eyeball bit. bahh to exams.

Monday, October 09, 2006

what is precious, is never to forget

One night a year, I am happy to be in school; one night a year, I feel like Hwa Chong is truly a home to me.

(Apologies to the yuffer and others for ripping pics:)

(OMG! So unglam can?? Sigh..)
I've got a picture of the yuffer posing sexily on the floor of Serene, but that's for another day. Heh.

MAF is better than a reunion dinner, better than a 30th anniversary celebration. It's a dose of chicken soup for the collective hwachong soul and gives you the feeling of tumbling back into youth.

I love MAF and always will. Yay.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Official web blog


*spits cobwebs from the blog out of mouth*

ah. Saw this pamphlet the other day at a juice shop at the newly-opened Raffles Marketplace extolling the virtues of wheatgrass juice. Classic example of blurb without content. Here goes..

(ad libbing, I lost the sheet, but the meaning's ALL there)
"Wheatgrass seeds grow by a process known as 'sprouting'..
(Hmm, and all other species of seeds grow by which process? Never mind! Let's explain the meaning of "Sprouting!")

".. where seeds grow into sprouts."
(I could NOT have told from the name. Perhaps a description of the differences between seeds and sprouts would help?)

"Sprouts are seeds with a stalk.."
(Point taken.)

I couldn't resist and read on, the passage went on about "enzymes, proteins and amino acids" without ONCE specifying the types and names and specific functions. Sheesh.

What a state of advertising we have in Singapore today. Wonder how many people are impressed by the long official and scientific sounding stuff?

Wonder whether I have myself been taken in by such blurb in areas that are not my expertise?
(Cheerful thought of the day!! Woo!)

Forbidden City

Finally, after x number of runs, where x is the number it takes for everypersun in the country to watch a musical, I brought my mother to Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress. I didn't realise how literal the name was, being an account of some womyn commissioned to Beijing to take a portrait of the Empress Dowager Cixi. Apart from the side-tales of love, betrayal, improbability and really laughable scribes, what struck me most was the set - a huge white chinese foldable screen that served to portray a chamber, a wall and a scene of desolation. Props to the propsmaster, pun intended, for creative use of stagespace.