Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Everyman's New Dosage of Engrish!

Hello, are you feeling well today?
Should be a hit among students..

Your daily motivational motto
(found in a train station in Japan)

I love the part about "we edit the manual carefully". Gosh how do people ever understand such instructions?

OMG! Aunt Geraldine! Are you in there? Can you hear me???
(Taiwanese food)

Woo lets try and see if we dissolve into blood streams

Times are tough eh.. I guess the floor is unemployed and the window is on strike?

I shudder to think of the translation services available in Taiwan.
TASTES!!!!!! Argh!!!

Too funny. Imagine the service list..
1. Blow Dry Job
2. Sperm your hair

That Ham has rejection issues!

Erm, a little bit too much information.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Magical Urbanism >> The Architecture of Density

Link here
. Defly a new fave site. =)

versus Ming's own attempt on a 2004 HK jaunt:

This comment struck me:
"it appears as though we are meant to believe that these buildings stretch inifintely towards the sky, but somewhere up there, way at the top floor, is a person whose bedroom window looks out over the entire world."

I'd love to have such a window.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

New addition to the wishlist:

A pair of satiny ivory- or creamy-white 3-inch wedges, with simple clean lines. Decor with a small amount of lace, pearls or diamante.

I speak as if I've met the pair of shoes before, but no I haven't. But if you happen to see, please tell meeee!!!!


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Introducing your favourite new series: ESC!

How electronically-suay, -disadvantaged, -unlucky and -kiam chye-mia CAN one person get??

Meet Wang Hui Ming(TM), heroine of the Electronically Suay Chronicles (ESC). Watch her as she battles non-existent internet access, unpredictable power outages (perhaps MORE times than ANYONE ELSE IN SINGAPORE), and mysterious auto-offing handphones. Will the the combined power of the Evil Electronic Devices triumph??

Or will our heroine succeed through all the adversity and ESCape from it all?

Watch and See!

(written in a pique of frustration against malfunctioning water heaters, burnt-out modems, and sloppily constructed sliding handphones. And yes, my toilet runs cold water now, and my home internet access does not work. Any more fan mail?)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Group 4 Breakfastclub

We had a breakfast bash this morning at Expo before duty. Should have taken photos but boo, my digicam's on the blink. S0 anyhow, we group 4 ushers enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast with beehoon, fried "liao" for the beehoon like nuggets, sausages, luncheon meat and eggs, potato salad contributed by ahemyourstrulyahem, chocolate chip *experimental* cookies, some cakes and hot drinks. Yummy..

But even better than the food, was the fellowship. Rare that we see an entire group's worth of ushers gathering around, sitting, chatting and enjoying each others' company. Most of the time, ministry often about work, work, work and many would have the impression that Usher is just a work-oriented ministry. But we are also a FUN ministry with great people! hehe.

I saw sabie taking photos with her trusty phonecam though! Hmm.. Should see pictures of the bash (or well, at least the food) on her blog soon.

Thinking of ways to name the "breakfast bash" and help it achieve iconic cult status among the UM. Mm.
- Group 4 Breakfastclub?
- Eat's My Party? (woo sounds so contrived)
- Any ideas, all?

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


When the going gets tough, the tough go bimbotic.


I bought a purple (yes! purple!) handphone cover from a singlet-wearing ahbeng at yew tee. And I've covered it in nail polish, crystals, nail stickers and made it look oh-so-kuniang. Heh. Minds me of some carribean summer. And looks like the kind of blogskin I'd love to be able to create in photoshop. Skin phones then, if I can't skin blogs properly..

And I made chocolate chip cookies! Whee! Though they look more like misshapen, dirty plates, I'm sure those I made them for will love my cookies.

AND I spent hours tweaking my 4S5 blogskin! Heh. Its got all sorts of cool effects like matrix text, image fades, and custom-made buttons now, courtesy of dynamicdrive, so VISIT, and 4S5, BLOG!

Woo.. Bimboticity..

Anyone knows how to save my Nokia 6280???

Now the *bldy* phone, with all its crystals and stickers, is being held together by a rubber band. Sigh. So much for glamming it up.

Sms to G: I can't believe it! I broke my phone.. Literally broke the sliding mechanism! Argh! Stupid nokia.

The start of his reply had me LOL-ing: Aiyoh.. why you so strong?..

Why, indeed. Sheesh.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


: the 4S5 blog is up.

Improvements still to be made but do drop by and tag.

For invites to the blog, ask pp like Rachel and OMC. Not sure if those without a blogger account can get in though.

Have fun!

BLOGGER BL**DY BETA will not accept my template! Even though it works FINE in blogger normal.
And I can't switch back to Blogger normal, because Blogger only accepts signups in Beta now.
And guess what, when you sign in to Blogger in Beta, you get logged out of any other gmail accounts.
How ridiculous is this.
I shall find a way around the problem.. For the meantime the template lives on, partially, at my testblog.

Friday, November 10, 2006

A small part of me died today - a corner of my world spun to a standstill and crashed.

Where have I gone wrong that even my most basic intents are not understood?

Perhaps it is not fit - I am not fit - I should give it all up.

God, help me.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


.. is the sincerest form of flattery.

Bored with writing next year's lecture notes, I turn to blogsurfing for inspiration.

Presenting short snippets on the freaking-ridiculous-weather written in the style of:

The rain whips down on leaded panes and melts my soul into puddles that drain into the sewers. I stare out into the grey and it strikes me that the rain, at least, has constancy. I want to step out into the rain and feel it wash my thoughts, my mind, my heart clean.

It's raining. Argh!
Shall finish my work and get out of here..
(this post published at 9.38pm)

Kenny Sia
It is raining.

I am driving in the rain.

Ah Law
Aiyo y the rain. Stupid me nv bring umbrella.
i gtg or else late for cg liao. Sian the rain.

Hmm it's raining again today. It has been raining in the afternoon for the past few days! Fortunately, my nice colleague Mr X. has offered to drive me to school so that I will not fall sick. Hmm shall make sure that Mr X. will get to eat my next batch of cookies.

... raining... yupp.. is like how i am feeling now.. lightning.. thunders.. reminded me of the days past..
but there will be sunshine after the rain.. yes.. holding on to God's promise.. rain.. or thunder.. or lightnins.. wouldn't last forever..

When I looked out into the rain, I saw..
(insert cheeminology here)
So what does raining mean to you?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The holidays sap me of energy... the absence of normal routine, the I-can-do-what-I-like-whenever-I-like-because-I-have-no-fixed-deadlines mentality starts to seep in and I find myself more unproductive than ever before. Bah.
Or perhaps its just the flu I've caught that makes me want to slack, sleep and generally spend the day in idleness.

Boo! I have so much more time, but yet so much less gets done. To the the extent I can't even be bothered to blog.

Sheesh. So here goes for a longlong series of updates, should blog while I have the energy and outrage to.


Hackers and Viruses et al get more and more inventive lately. I opened my email this morning to a slight panic as I saw a message from some "" place that claimed I had bought a Sony VAIO to the tune of 2000plus dollars. One of those hoaxes again, I assume. My slight panic turned fullblown as I googled the sending address and found that there was a genuine internet electronics company by such a name. Oh dear.

But suspiciously enough, the email contained no credit card details nor sending details. Just genuine looking enough, but just generic enough that the same email could have been sent to anyone in the world and it could probably have elicited the same response. And it had the (very convenient!) disclaimer that
"Please do not reply as this email was sent from our automated confirmation system."
Smells very fishy to me.

I emailed telling them of my suspicions and am now awaiting their reply.


The past few days have been completely dreary, with the weather turning threatening in the early afternoon and clearing up to a drenched twilight. How helpfully cheerful to someone stuck at home for the next month or so. Bah.


On the bright side, christmas shopping has started! Woohoo! I have a longer list than ever to look out for this year, so I'm getting myself into the christmas mood by trawling online auctions, shopping malls and all for pressies for the near and dear ones. =) Bah instead of selling my things on yahoo auctions to raise money, I end up buying stuff and spending.

Hm. Flea marketing anybody? Calling Juan, Jan, Raine, Cass and anyone who might be interested! yoohoo!!!

At least the yahoo auctions thingy and the need to make christmas cards and pressies has started me on clearing up my room. It started from the realization that I had no idea where my stencilling sets were, and is now evolving into a fullblown 天翻地覆 of said room, trying to root out all my useful stuff and dump the dust-collectors. Oh well. Might as well do it when my parents are not around and they won't get a fit at the amount of nonsense i have accumulated. All the better for letting the rubbish spill out of my room too. Yay.