Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finally can post

pictures of the 2 LOs I have done as gifts to friends.

One is a birthday LO for KQ whose birthday we celebrated yesterday night. And the other is for Ray and Rachel, whose wedding is on Monday. Also passed them the LO last night.

So I can finally post up the 2 pictures! I am quite proud of both of the LOs and was waiting impatiently to put them up.

Happy Birthday Keqing:

Ray and Rachel:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Poor Scampy

He has some growths on his mouth area that seem to be infected. They need to be cleared by having an operation.

My poor dog. =(

Monday, August 25, 2008

006: Coffee and Tea

Saturday mornings routines for G and me are about the best time of the week. We get to spend time together
a. without interruption
b. without being tired out of our minds
c. just two of us

LO 006 commemorates our Saturday morning kopi-C and teh-C routines. Made using Scarlet Lime's July kit which I took over from brownbox. =) Hooray I love Scarlet Lime!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

005: Happy National Day

Did up a National Day LO for challenge by Groovie. Challenge is set by Sophia MamaChan so I decided to try!

After I finish I realised I should have killed 2 birds with one stone n tweak it to submit for TSL National Day challenge also. Aiyah.

This is my first time doing challenge and its really tough.. the conditions are
1) Using SB elements to create a visual triangle in your LO (i.e. photos or embellishments) 2) Showcase the use of stars in your LO! Could be in patterned paper, stamps, doodled or your embellishments. 3) If possible, include the main colors of red, white and some black.

The triangle nearly killed me.. as well as the stars cos I don't really have any stars. Managed to dig through my PP and came up with one that have stars in the corner, so I cut it out and used the rest of the paper for matting photos. Haha.

The photo shows Sophie playing destroyer on the National Day flag which I have actually posted up before. Out of the whole series of shots there is just that ONE shot where she is totally still. The others, all got motion blur cos my gal is one fast mouse!


Friday, August 22, 2008

hopping mad!!

THE most incredible things happen.


Never let me get my hands on THE boy. I want to smack THE boy senseless for his selfishness, inconsideration and expectation that others are responsible for getting him out of THE shit-pile he has landed himself in.

And THE best part is, he gets away with it. Ugh!
Won't others be encouraged to pull THE same kind of stunt in future??

The new Vitamin M: Not Money, but Media.

No one any of you know, by the way. Sigh.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

004: So Kiss Me

Have started on scrapping my wedding photos. This gonna take long I think.. hoho.

Looking back, I was much skinnier than now! hmph!

Completed LO

Details details!
On another note, Missy Sophie has started to crawl. She's so fast (although she's lopsided and unsteady haha)! We spent last night enticing her to crawl over her mat by waving her favourite stuff (ironically a packet of wet wipes) at her. Time spent to crawl over 2 meters of mat: 5 seconds. Gosh. Sophie Express on the way!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mouse News Edition 1: 18082008

Sophie develops and grows and changes so quickly it is sometimes hard to remember what she was like even a week ago.

She's now trying very hard to crawl, and she can sometimes move forward a little by accident. Like, she'll be windmilling around uncoordinated, and then just by chance the head, arms, and legs all go in the correct order and she'll flop forward a few inches. She'll then get this mega-surprised look on her face. Which is soon followed by a "hm-now-how-did-i-do-that" kind of quizzical grimace. Reverse gear and side turns is not a problem at all though, she's a regular little clock hand (read: spinning round and round).

She has also recently discovered her toes, previously it was only her fingers - so there is a new addition to her nom-ming repertoire. Not just the hands but also the feet. Little contortionist.

Food now interests her more than milk. We just tried the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder on her and it was a roaring success. She whined when I took it away and her eyes were as big as saucers trying to figure out where her mean mummy has hidden her newest chewy toy.

She has also been extra cranky since her 5 month jab. For the 2 days after the jab she had fever fluctuating up and down, which was the first time she had reacted to a jab. After the fever cleared, she has still been waking up 2-3 times a night. And each time, she is really wide awake and very difficult to coax back to sleep. Sigh. Sleepless nights. I wonder when this will end.

Ted Baker is EVIL!!

I want!!!!!!!!!!!!

-controlcontrolcontrol NO MORE BAGS controlcontrolcontrol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

First tooth / 014: & then there were three.

Sophie's first tooth is almost out! Yippee! Can see the white edges poking out already. There are another 2-3 more on the way but a little lagging behind.. can see the ridges but not the white yet.

As a consequence the poor girl has been really cranky at night = sleepless nights for Mummy and Daddy. How I wish this series of teeth will hurry up and get out and over and done with. Then I can sleep more....... zzzzzzzz.

Presenting layout 014: And Then There Were Three. It took a long time to scrap this photo as it is a very imperfect shot. Poses, colours, etc are not too nice. And we both look half dead! So it was a really challenge to make it into something nice. BTW I started this with NO IDEA in my mind how I want the LO to look except the photo is going to be circle. No wonder it looks so schizo = left and right of LO is totally inconsistent in mood.

Oh well.. =P

Ingredients: Cosmo Cricket PP, RAK paper from Wati (thank you dear!!) for the matting, ric rac + black flower ribbons from MWL, blue and yellow flower ribbons from AMK; alphas from Heidi Grace, MM and AC poolside thickers; photograph sticker from 7G 97% complete; adore felt from Laine's, bird sticker from AC remarks, i love family stamp from Heidi Grace.

Monday, August 11, 2008

12 + 13: Your Firsts / Where's Mah Popcorn?

Scrapped but no time to put up pics yet.

Here they are:

#12: Your Firsts
Not quite how I envisioned it but my LO's always mutate as they grow. Haha. SB-ing is supposed to commemorate Sophie's milestones, hence her :firsts:.

I think I am getting more and more colour crazy. As in, no longer stick to pinky theme colour but have all sorts of colours all over the place. You will see more evidence in next LO.

Cosmo Cricket's PP + journalling card, American crafts chipboard, Making Memories + Cosmo Cricket + Heidi Grace alphas, ghost heart + journalling pad from Heidi Swapp, date ticket from Tim Holtz, felt from Laine's, stickers from 7G 97% complete Unique.

#13: Where's Mah Popcorn?

Sophie loves to watch TV just like her dad and she will stare at it whenever we turn it on. TV addict! Can jus imagine her later in life sitting in front of TV screen munching on snacks. Haha. Yaya I knoe its not a good habit to cultivate. =P

Journalling for this LO reads:
Sophie is always fascinated and she watches so intently everytime her dad turns on the TV! Little TV addict, just like dad!

DCWV cardstock + PP, American Crafts remarks alphas, Doodlebug alphas for the "PopCorn", felt from Laine's, my favourite blingblings from AMK, buttons from AMK, Presence & Queen & Co, flowers from Spotlight & KaiserCraft, Making Memories metal eyelet flower and journalling notepad, Kelly Panacci rub-ons, photo tab from Dorcas RAK, chipboard sticker from Cloud 9, tickets from Tim Holtz stamped with Art Declassified stamps (it fits on the tag perfectly! I love love!).

Another LO done actually but I can only put it up after 27 Aug. Sian! U will know why after that day. Itching to share it.. zzzzzzzzz!

Muahs! TFL!

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Routine Saturday breakfast for G and me at our neighbourhood hawker center before a visit to Mt E visiting Shirley and Sharan's little Mikayla.

[birthdate-080808, time 0008 hours. weight 3.83kg (huge OMG!! -all natural OMGGGG!!). their~ Indian~ doctor has a sense of humour delivering an ~Indian~ baby at a 生辰字 any Chinese would kill for.wahaha.]

With some time to spare after Mt E, I took a leisurely walk down Orchard Road in the clear sunshine. People moved with the uncertainty of having too much space, like a model on a catwalk - it seems the entire street is yours to strut down.

(it was early afterall.)

Bought a sweetcorn biscuit icecream and slowly chewed. Coolness and sweetness in the mouth is just the perfect counterpoint to a day that gave off early promises of sultriness.

Walked wherever I wanted.

Life is good.

(how i wish everyday could be like that!)

Mouse News:
Happy National Day, Singapore, from one of your (relatively) new citizens!
(who then proceeds with her ritual destruction of all things handy)

oops did i just show disrespect to the national flag


Altered some photo frames for Scrappin Kids Care frame charity drive.

Never knew doing altered is so tough. =(

#1 - Never Let Go of Hope

#2 - Perfect Just as You Are

Do give comments! Thanks!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Squeaky Squeaky Little Mousie

new sound from Sophie-Mouse: She squeaks!
(and shrieks!)
(and screams!)

Living up to her reputation as a Mouse. Hehe.

Pictures of Little Miss:
Daddy teaches Sophie the fine art of Remote Control Usage

And she sure picked up the skill right away~

*Wink* Hey i'm smart gal u knoe!