Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don cha wish your puppeh was cute like me?

Dont cha wish your puppeh was a freak like me
Dont cha wish your puppeh was fun like me
Dont cha, dont cha [paws gyrating]

From the classic Cute Overload.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Blurness Championships (Car Segment)

Level 1:
Parked car.
Forgot to lock the car.
Committed by: Everyone

Level 2:
Parked car.
Forgot where car is parked.
Spent 30 minutes searching for car.
Committed by: My mother

Level 3:
Parked car.
Threw away keys together with used parking coupons into rubbish bin.
Realised keys missing 2 hours later when wanting to leave.
Found keys after another 2 hours of retracing steps through the shopping area.
Committed by: My mother

Level 10:
Parked car.
Forgot to remove keys from ignition and left engine running.
Walked off and return next day to find keys gone, car locked, and a sign taped to windscreen requesting owner of the car to call a certain phone number to retrieve the keys.
Committed by: My mother

Level 100 (最高境界):
Parked car.
Forgot that got drive car.
Asked another person for a lift home, got onto the other car.
Left car in carpark.
Committed by: ME

Friday, January 25, 2008

So Fruitful

Carting around one watermelon, on two papaya-sized feet.
Dangle 2 bunches of banana-like fingers.
Top off with a pair of cantaloupes.

Things to do

1. Pack hospital bag.
2. Prepare all the documentation to bring to hospital.
3. Go to the bank and certify my account as the mouse's mother to receive baby bonus.
4. Send in applications for maternity leave, insurance claims etc to school.
5. Wash all her clothes, bedding, stroller and car seat covers, etc etc.
6. Set up cot.
7. Set up playpen.
8. Buy playpen mattress.
9. Set up yaolan.
10. Set up stroller/car seat.
11. Find and set up safety gate.
12. Buy a small tin of formula milk to standby.
13. Meet confinement lady.
14. Find post-natal massage lady.
15. Clear out room downstairs for confinement lady and cot.
16. Buy herbs / tonics for confinement.
17. Set up a "baby foodstuff area" with the sterilizer, bottle warmer, bottle storage space, hot water supply etc.
18. Sterilize all the bottles, tongs, breast pump etc.
19. Set up a "breastfeeding area" with the chair I bought, feeding pillow etc.
20. Sleep more.
21. Eat less.
22. Find all those niggly small things like cloth diapers, tummy binders etc that I haven't found yet.
23. Buy more newborn / small sized diapers.
24. Find recommendations for a good, nearby and not-so-ex paediatrician.
25. Finish reading up on labour, breastfeeding and baby care.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Are the things you have done so much and so great??

I take past examples as references.
If you can't fulfil what I've asked you to do previously, why should I bother to ask any more things till it can be proven that you can fulfil them??

Won't that just accumulate a longer list that I have to nag you on?? Might as well save the breath and do it myself, as long as it's within my capacity to do.

I've learned to hate the word "LATER".

Because in your vocabulary, it usually means "NEVER".

Self Love



我叫人家做的事,其他人未必会做; 拖延阿拖延,直到我自己做算了,还会更快。



Don't assume I will always be patient.
Don't assume I will always settle everything for you.
Don't assume I will always be the one to sacrifice my time and finances to ensure things go well.

But then again, if not me doing it, then who?

As usual, I would rather I deprived myself than know that anyone else is shortchanged for my sake.

But it hurts when others don't do the same for me.

Conclusion: I should love myself first. Because I can't expect that love to come from others.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Recent Temptations

1. Nursing wear from Mothers En Vogue.

Would set me back a total of $200 bucks to buy these three tops. Haiz.

2. Nokia 6500 Slide.

Now $98 if I renew my Starhub plan. But can't renew till later in the year.. Boohoo..

3. Rebonding and dye-ing my hair.
(the hair that now resembles a bed of messy, musty dried grass and that causes me Shih Tzu Envy.)
Hui told me she missed Ming the glamour girl.
Ming misses Ming the glamour girl too!! Whine!

Ming, profession: Ex-glamour girl.

Doing/buying all that would set me back $500 at least.
Double whine.

OK back to work and stop dreaming!!

Weekend of dogs

Alan has recently acquired a Golden Retriever named QQ.

QQ kind of looks like this for his colouration. But QQ has nicer fur - longer and straighter.

We visited QQ on Saturday after Jennifer's wedding.

He's such a very handsome and obedient boy!! He's got an excellent temperament and is very "teachable". And he has got such soft, warm fur. Which is great because he also has a habit of curling up on your feet. It is like having your own private pile carpet.

Then, on Sunday, went to pick up a yao lan stand for the princess. The lady who gave it to us has got *gasp* THREE Shih Tzus!

They are so gorgeous!! Oh my goodness! Literally balls of fur, because she kept them in show coats (read: Sweep-the-floor lengths) Their hair is double the length of mine, and oh-so-oh-so fine and silky smooth. Damn, I should use dog conditioner on my hair next time. Maybe I should have asked what supplements she feeds the dogs to make their fur grow so quickly. Then I should go eat that too.

Shih Tzu in full coat - they looked exactly like this!

Because the fur is so long it covers their legs, the dogs seem to "slide" over the floor rather than walk. Can't see the movement of the legs cos the fur coat is so thick. So they shuffled here and there in the house, looking for all the world like mobile rugs. The biggest one was a whopping 10.5kg! Wow! The size of a 1 year old baby!

Of course, not to forget my own darling Scampy. Managed to go back and see him in the midst of the weekend. As usual, he was kind of slow because of age. And my mum forbade me from petting him because she said she has not bathed him for a few days due to the rainy weather. Haiz. I managed to sneak in a few pets when she was not looking but couldn't pick him up and give him a full fledged cuddle. Boo..

Though it will probably give G, my parents and parents-in-law a fit, I really wish I could have a dog and a daughter together too..


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sizing her up

Ups, thanks to her Daddy G: Sophie's very own set of dresser drawers!

So, been packing her stuff and attempting to categorize them in a somewhat-systematic manner. Realised that baby clothes sizing is TOTALLY BUAY ZHUN ONE.

In another words, don't bother following the age ranges shown on the label, cos something marked for newborn can range in size from 18cm-28cm in width!

Now scratching my head over how to categorize her clothes so she can wear before she outgrows them.. Do I measure by length? Width? Stretched or unstretched? Does the material matter (some are stretchy, some are not).. etc etc etc ARGH!!

For now, I have decided to categorize by unstretched width of clothes, in 4cm intervals. So I packed all the 18-22cm width together, 22-26cm together, etc etc etc. I have no idea whether that corresponds to 0-3 months, 3-6 months etc though. And yes, her kiasu mummy has already bought some clothes for up to 12 months kids!!

In the midst of doing so, realised I have accumulated lots and lots of baby clothes already. Most are bought second hand; I'd say probly only 30% of the things we have are new. And many of the new ones came about because we were given vouchers for baby shops. But then again, lots and lots is just my perception; maybe she'll need to change clothes 5-6 times a day (if there are stains during feeding, diaper changing etc) and then I would run through all the clothes of each size range I have in, oh, three days. But then again, since babies are supposed to grow really quickly, she would wear each piece only about 10-20 times anyway?

*shrugs* Will see how it goes..

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Went to the gynae yesterday for 33-week checkup.

She's now a top-of-the-range 2.5kg, equivalent to 5.5 pounds.

My gosh that was my weight when I was born at full term!

It's a jump of almost 1kg since the last time I went to see the doc 3 weeks ago at 30 weeks. He did warn me that babies are supposed to put on more than half their body weight in the final trimester. He also predicted that she will be a minimum of 3.2kg when she comes out. Others guesstimate up to 4kg. Wahaha. I shall continue to believe for my girl to be between 3.0 to 3.5kg.

Ironically, as she will be born in the year of the rat, we've nicknamed her "little mousie". Looks like she's going to be one enormous mouse. =)

Meanwhile, she has turned head down but has not engaged into the pelvis yet. The placenta position has moved up, which is great since it's no longer low-lying which may affect the chance for a natural delivery.

On the naming front, the jury's still out on the Chinese name.
Eek! 7 weeks to go and we have not decided yet?? Erps.. Friends who don't even have children yet have told us they have decided on all the names for all their possible future kids. And here we are with no firm idea. Hoho.. Any votes / suggestions for Chinese names, anyone??

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Can't fit my wedding band onto my fat fourth left finger anymore.

7 weeks and counting down..

Jing comments: You need a BIGGER DIAMOND Ring. :D

Yes!! G, are you listening??

Monday, January 14, 2008

Fiftydays / In the mood for rats

50 days to go, give and take.

Somehow I think Mickey and Minnie mouse-themed clothes will be extra popular this year.

Have been google-ing and yahoo-ing for rat themed baby clothes too. Heh.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I wish I can go home and sleep..



My cupboard is like a Nokia phone graveyard.

First, on Christmas eve, my 6280 died after it ran low on batt.

Try as I might I cannot get it to switch on again. Uh Oh, that's the phone I store all my contacts in.

Was telling pp that it should have died one week earlier then I can request for a phone as my Christmas present. Heh.
Else, it should have died at Easter (more resurrection power mah.)

Borrowed an old 6610 from G to use.

The '0' key (also used for space bar in sms-ing) was not working well and it takes me 5 mins to send 1 sms. So terrible esp for a chronic sms-er like me! I gave up on it after just 1 day.

Asked my mum for her old phone, a 6020.

Unfortunately, after the many rounds of abuse from my mum, that phone has developed a 自闭症, it will 随时动关. And it's laggy. Grr...

So I asked Alan to lend me another old phone. He is the king of many phones. Now, my main SIM card is in his so-old-I-don't-even-kn0w-the-model phone. Also laggy, but at least no self-destruction syndromes like the 6020.

Ah. Update.
I've been educated that the really old Alan-phone is a 3120.

Then, my 6230 started acting up. Great. The trusty phone I used to sms people for more than 2 years is going "short" already.

Sometimes, the side navigation keys do not work. Only the up and down keys work. Then suddenly, the side keys will start working again.
Other times, the address book will go mad and suddenly my contacts will disappear. Then for no reason they will start appearing again.
Or else, the phone will suddenly show an "Insert SIM card" message on the main screen. And lo and behold, without my touching it, the SIM card will miraculously be restored to its original state.
And yes, this one has 自闭症 too.

I still have one more backup phone to try, my dad's *really* old 8250.
When I get so frustrated with the multiple 病症 of 6230, then I will switch. But I will lose all my OTHER contacts that I store in this phone.. Oh no!!

What a phone saga..

Monday, January 07, 2008


I was nice to myself and bought me an organizer cover from Fluff yesterday. =)

That's the print on the organizer cover, although they don't have the exact product on the website. CHIO!!!! Ahhhhh! i love love love the pets!! and it's gold! and pink! and purple!

What a bimbo I am. Haha.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


with a good dinner and a nice relaxing evening out with friends..

and another Mothercare voucher from Jan.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

End of an era

Finally thrown away my old dying bronze bag and peeling-off-in-strips gold wallet.

They were the ones I loved best among all my bags.. *sniff*..

New year, new wallet, new bags!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ebay and Paypal

Ebay items sold by people in US and UK are disgustingly dirt cheap.
Like $0.01 SGD? I can't understand why people even bother to sell them!

It's especially worth it if you want to buy expensive but light items. Cos even with postage added it comes up to a quarter or a third of the price here.

Ebay works on a Paypal system for overseas buyers.

And Paypal is horrible.
I tried signing up for an account for the better part of an hour.
The dumb site kept on changing my country of residence to USA, and said I didn't have a valid postal code!
Of course don't have la!!!
Because I live in Singapore and not the USA what!

Aunty missing out on cheapo bargains = sad aunty.

Stupid Ebay and Paypal!

Back to school




My colleague's daughter picked up two little puppies when attending their church camp. They brought them home for the moment but need help in finding permanent homes for them. Estimated the puppies are about 1-2 months old, they are mongrels.

As my colleague can't take care of them long term, they will send them to SPCA by next week if no one will take them in. As the 2 dogs are mongrels, it's likely they will be put down since people would usually want to adopt purebreeds from SPCA.

Here they are, absolutely adorable:

Pls contact me if you would be able to adopt them! Thanks!