Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ebay and Paypal

Ebay items sold by people in US and UK are disgustingly dirt cheap.
Like $0.01 SGD? I can't understand why people even bother to sell them!

It's especially worth it if you want to buy expensive but light items. Cos even with postage added it comes up to a quarter or a third of the price here.

Ebay works on a Paypal system for overseas buyers.

And Paypal is horrible.
I tried signing up for an account for the better part of an hour.
The dumb site kept on changing my country of residence to USA, and said I didn't have a valid postal code!
Of course don't have la!!!
Because I live in Singapore and not the USA what!

Aunty missing out on cheapo bargains = sad aunty.

Stupid Ebay and Paypal!

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