Thursday, January 10, 2008


My cupboard is like a Nokia phone graveyard.

First, on Christmas eve, my 6280 died after it ran low on batt.

Try as I might I cannot get it to switch on again. Uh Oh, that's the phone I store all my contacts in.

Was telling pp that it should have died one week earlier then I can request for a phone as my Christmas present. Heh.
Else, it should have died at Easter (more resurrection power mah.)

Borrowed an old 6610 from G to use.

The '0' key (also used for space bar in sms-ing) was not working well and it takes me 5 mins to send 1 sms. So terrible esp for a chronic sms-er like me! I gave up on it after just 1 day.

Asked my mum for her old phone, a 6020.

Unfortunately, after the many rounds of abuse from my mum, that phone has developed a 自闭症, it will 随时动关. And it's laggy. Grr...

So I asked Alan to lend me another old phone. He is the king of many phones. Now, my main SIM card is in his so-old-I-don't-even-kn0w-the-model phone. Also laggy, but at least no self-destruction syndromes like the 6020.

Ah. Update.
I've been educated that the really old Alan-phone is a 3120.

Then, my 6230 started acting up. Great. The trusty phone I used to sms people for more than 2 years is going "short" already.

Sometimes, the side navigation keys do not work. Only the up and down keys work. Then suddenly, the side keys will start working again.
Other times, the address book will go mad and suddenly my contacts will disappear. Then for no reason they will start appearing again.
Or else, the phone will suddenly show an "Insert SIM card" message on the main screen. And lo and behold, without my touching it, the SIM card will miraculously be restored to its original state.
And yes, this one has 自闭症 too.

I still have one more backup phone to try, my dad's *really* old 8250.
When I get so frustrated with the multiple 病症 of 6230, then I will switch. But I will lose all my OTHER contacts that I store in this phone.. Oh no!!

What a phone saga..

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