Monday, January 21, 2008

Recent Temptations

1. Nursing wear from Mothers En Vogue.

Would set me back a total of $200 bucks to buy these three tops. Haiz.

2. Nokia 6500 Slide.

Now $98 if I renew my Starhub plan. But can't renew till later in the year.. Boohoo..

3. Rebonding and dye-ing my hair.
(the hair that now resembles a bed of messy, musty dried grass and that causes me Shih Tzu Envy.)
Hui told me she missed Ming the glamour girl.
Ming misses Ming the glamour girl too!! Whine!

Ming, profession: Ex-glamour girl.

Doing/buying all that would set me back $500 at least.
Double whine.

OK back to work and stop dreaming!!

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