Tuesday, October 30, 2007


has yet to wear off.

let's have some funny pictures for entertainment!!

Also, in honour of my newfound freedom, i present to Rachel her tag:
1)What song are you listening to now? Nothing. I can either listen, or do anything else. So I don't listen. The guy at the next table at work screeches and caterwauls (ie like 猫叫春) but that ain't hardly music.
2)Who are your bestest besties? G, Tiffany, Keqing, Miss I, Raine, Juan, Zhen.
3)What kind of dogs do you like? Silky terriers! Need you even ask??

4)Whose your partner? Gary
5)What do you like to do in the holidays? Slack off, catch up on reading books, books and more books. Take long, aimless walks through random parts of the nation. Sit at a coffeeshop and lim teh and watch the world go by. Bury my nose in library books and free art exhibitions.
6)How do you feel about life now? Great
7)Who you hated the most? no one
8)What you wanna be when you grow up? Already grown up. Taller? Haha...
9)Are you happy? Pretty much
10)What things you cannot live without? Nothing.
11)Who do you like? Humble, servant hearted, cheerful, positive and encouraging people. Doesn't take much to get into my good books eh?
12)How long can you stay infront of the tv? indefinite. TV's like background noise to me, so I can get up anytime I want. Depends on the show though. If it's the Taiwanese politician kind I get up IMMEDIATELY. Urgh.
13)Do you like music? Depends. As always, background noise.. I don't really hear any music that's being played unless I have absolutely nothing else to do.
14)Do you miss the days when you are in Kindergarden? Ha. I'm so old I can't remember them.
15)Do you get fed up easily? Nope.
16)What are the things you are good at? Anything that requires a meticulous and work-oriented mind. People say I'm a good listener; it's a skill I dredge up when necessary.
17) Do you like people who call you names? Nope.
18)Do you like your parents? I admire them. Does that count?
19)Do you like babies? Not quite yet. But I had better, soon!
20)Have you ever wanted to kiss a boy? Boy, no. Man, yes.
21)Do you love your friends? Quite. My love language is gift giving, so if I shower you with gifts, it means I appreciate you.
22)Name 6 of your best friends. Fluffy, Puffy, Silky, Softy, Squishy and Furry. Hey, you said I got to name them!!
23)What emoticon do you like to put? =)
24)Do you have any wishes now? Yeah.
25)Who do you like the most, father or mother ? Mother, though it's a mix of admiration and exasperation.
26) When you are late for a important day in school, what will you do ? Take cab. I don't like to be late, on principle.
27)Are you single? Nope.
28)Do you love to chat ? Yes, when very free. Heh.
29)Do you ever thought of having a boyfriend? "Thought" is right - it's past tense. I'm married le la!
30)So i tag: No one? And let everyone be eternally grateful to me for that? Heh.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Oxidizing agents are themselves reduced.

I remember, hence I am forgot.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

sick.. again!!

my nose is stuffed up with icky low-pressure mucus, my voice got lost somewhere trying to navigate up my scratchy throat.

bah. phooey.

and still so many things to settle.
why must I be the one driving things on?

yq tagged: Jiayou!! You're driving! SO you can bring the car anywhere you want!

the msn conversation followed:
ahming: philosophie says:
i drive without a road directory.
y.q. |CrazyStick| Jerome says:
no need wat. got God
y.q. |CrazyStick| Jerome says:
y.q. |CrazyStick| Jerome says:
His the GPS
y.q. |CrazyStick| Jerome says:
ahming: philosophie says:
God positioning system!
ahming: philosophie says:
ya.. Pst always says we must position ourselves to God's vision mah

alright! humour injected my day and made me wake up.
Drive on according to God's vision.. =)

Halfway there..

20 weeks.