Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Mouse Let Out a Roar

Found this picture while surfing the net.. It super reminds me of Sophie!
Little monster mouse!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

019: The Year of the Mouse

Simple LO made mostly of scraps and whatever I can find on my table, which isn't much.. most of my stuff are secreted away in random corners. Should make organizing my scrap stuff one of the aims in 2009. Its also one of the shortest time required to do LO, maybe about 3 hours start to finish, most of the time is spend on cutting the photos and papers and aligning them just nicely on the page.

Too lazy to retype the (hidden) journalling, pls read it for yourself:
Oops OK I realised its very blur.. Reading will give you headache.
Sigh.. will need to re-take the photos some time.
Some time.. when I have time.. =(

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sha Jia!

Last year when Sophie was born, I was introduced to a brand of diapers called Goo.N from an online site by the SMH forum. It cost $13.80 for each pack, no matter which size of pack you buy.

The sizes I bought were NB58 and S63, which meant a price per diaper of $0.238 and $0.219 respectively. That's very reasonable for a price of diaper and the quality was good too. They even do free home delivery for orders above $60 so I happily bought 5 packs back then.

I recently had the idea to go back to their site and order more of the same for Zoe. However, I was shocked to see that the price has not only increased to $18.80 per pack - increase of $5, or 36.2% per packet! - the pack size for the S size diaper has dropped drastically from 63 pieces to only 52 pieces.

So now, that makes it $0.324 per NB size diaper (increase of almost $0.10 per piece from previously, a 36.1% increase per diaper) and $0.362 per S size diaper (a whopping almost $0.15 per piece increase, equivalent to 65.3% increase per diaper OMG!), in about 1 year. I can't think of any other product that has increased price so much in comparison, except rice and petrol! Hmm, and I don't think rice or petrol went into the making of these diapers..

Gosh! This is really.. Sha Jia lor! It is super much LESS worth it to buy these diapers now. In fact I think it maybe even cheaper to buy normal supermarket brands on promotion than to get these Goo.N anymore.. Normal price for a diaper from Pampers or Mamy Poko is about $0.35-$0.38, so I would wait for any promo and then dive in to buy!

Yes, I am aunty enough to go and "ji jiao" over these few cents difference.. but it adds up to a LOT! Newborn can go through 10-12 diapers a day and even now Sophie goes through about 5-6 diapers daily. Adds up to a difference of at least $1 a day, $30 per month leh! Enough to buy Sophie or Zoe one additional tin of formula milk a month hor!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mouse Says Happy New Year..

.. please give me more angpows when you see this "virtual greeting" ok

Sunday, January 25, 2009

018: When I was just a little girl / CNY pressies

Again did the LO in response to MR's challenge #3.

Conditions for challenge:
Photo :
  • use PAST DATED photos (photos that have been laying around for ages !! its about time to scrap them)
  • at least 1 black & white coloured photos (no limitation to how many photos to be use on the layout, but at least 1 have to be in B&W)

Materials :

  • cardstock as the background / base layer
  • circles (from punches / die cuts / rub ons / buttons / pattern papers or even buttons to brads to eyelets etc.) Create circles on the layout
  • usage of ribbons (it comes with almost every kits we are sub to)
Very much wanted to do a photo of myself as a baby together with one of Sophie's photos are compare how alike we are.. but there is NO photo that I have of her that looks like any of mine.. Hmph.. I guess proving the truth of everyone's opinion that she looks much more like her dad that me.

Alright, so here is what I did:

I used photos of myself when I was a little girl (from baby to about 2 years old) and printed them in black and white. Thanks to my Uncle Toney who has a habit of scanning old family photos, else I would not have been able to get the B/W shots. Maybe I should make that my project for the next long holidays (read: maternity leave after Zoe), to scan in old photos.

Because I did this LO after school start, I only get to work on it for a very short time each day (like 15-30 mins). So it sat on my table for really long, like more than 1 week! I guess thats the problem with doing a little each day, the total time spent adds up to more than what it would take have I done at one shot.. because I have to spend time remembering where I have placed the embellishments/glue/tape etc that I was using halfway the night before. Having a sieve-brain from being pregnant does not help!

I think the top part (with photos) and bottom part are, like, mega different!
Sequence of doing:
1. Top part with photos (mounted the photos on white paper to make them look more "vintage"
2. Bottom right hand with tag, layered flowers and stamp
3. Bottom left hand with journalling strips and title.

And the longer the unfinished LO sat on my table, the more "sian" I am to get it completed and hence the lesser and lesser details!
Obvious isn't it??

I love the look of the "layered" flowers~ I am going to do it more often in future LOs~!
I've always thought layered flowers means putting on many layers of flowers themselves, but this time I used circular paper cutouts, pearl strips, Stickles, brads and buttons in addition to normal flowers, and it looked really good.

Credits: K & Company Wild Saffron brads, Just Corina Fancy Felt Matties, Prima Voila Felt Strips, Prima Say it in Crystals Swirls in red/yellow (I love this colour combi!) lace doily paper from Vivian, various assorted paper / fabric flowers from Bazzill, Prima and Making Memories, transparent flowers and pearl strip from Sophia, Stickles in Scattered Straw and Ruby Slippers, Bird tag from Tiffany, deer chipboard from Sassafrass Lass Woodland Creatures, gemstone flower brads from KCK, lace ribbon from Making Memories, fonts from Cosmo Cricket Vintage and Making Memories Heidi rub-ons.

I've also done up some gift packs for my ushers for CNY..
Should have taken the step by step photos but I didn't as I was in a huge hurry.. anyway here are the steps:
1. Cut out 2x2 inch squares from white, pink and red cardstock
2. Stamp using red ink on approx 2/3 of the cardstock. I used white and pink cardstock for this.
3. Fold stamped pieces into half lengthwise
4. Staple the stamped pieces over the tops of the small ziploc bags used to contain sweets (mine were 2x3 inches)
5. Print out greetings on normal A4 and cut into 4 inch long strips (mine said Happy NIU Year 2009 - Huiming)
6. Stick the greetings over the top of the stapled portion in order to cover the staples
7. Punch out scalloped circles from the remaining 1/3 of the cardstock. I used mostly red and some of the pinks for this. I used 2 different size of scallop circle punch:
- a smaller 1.5 inch one to create the solid scalloped circles
- a larger 2 inch one punched on the "leftover" part of the 2x2 inch squares to create the "hollow" scallops
8. Stick on the scalloped circles over the part where the 2 ends of the 4 inch long greeting strips meet to cover the joining
9. Stick flowers on the top of the scalloped circles
10. Top off with a button.

Punches from Fiskars, flowers from Kaiser Craft, buttons from Autumn Leaves Techno Pop Bag of Buttons, and stamp from 7 Gypsies Nottinghill.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Of Birth Choices and VBACs

This is a really rather "biological" post, so don't read if you are squeamish.. eww..

Sophie was born by emergency C-section on 6th March last year, as I had been in labor for about 24 hours with progress only to 3 cm dilated. She has also passed stools in the womb and her heart rate was not keeping up well with the contractions.

After I had Sophie, I did wonder whether had the conditions been different, I would have been able to have her naturally.. in Singapore, gynaes tend to be very cautions eg. inducing if baby if not born by EDD, only allowing mums to labour for 24 hours max, sending for a C-section once there is any sign of baby distress or passing of stools. Whereas in other countries like US etc, the mum is much more "in control" and labour can go on for days, and Baby is not continually monitored and much less intervention is attempted.

Of course, I am not saying that I WANT to have labour for many days, that I am anti-anesthetic, anti-C-section etc. And of course, I am willing to have anything done as long as most importantly Baby is safe and sound. I am just wondering whether it was really medically necessary for my emergency section and whether I could have had Sophie naturally if I had the liberty to labour for longer by myself.

Because now, with Baby Zoe due in 1st June 2009, I am deliberating between attempting for a natural birth and going for a scheduled repeat C-section.

Natural birth:
There is a risk of uterine rupture which could happen at the site of the previous C-section wound. This would be very very dangerous and highly likely fatal for either mother or baby. Which is why there is the phrase "once a C-section, always a C-section". The risk is low but appreciable (between 1-2% depending on studies in a all-natural ie. no induction setting).
There is also the possibility I may end up having to do another emergency C-section again if I also have failure to progress within 24 hours. Which will be another expennnnnnnsssssssive experience!
But I do wish I can have natural birth because the recovery time is so much faster! Recently I visited my friend who just gave birth.. within 24 hours of the birth she is up and walking around like machiam never birth like that! C-section it took me 1 day just to get off the bed and that was with lots and lots of pain.. that I rather stay "bed-ridden" and not do anything at all for the 1st week!

If I do go in for a scheduled C-section it will be cheaper than having an emergency C-section. Much cheaper! And apparently 2nd C-section is nowhere near as painful as the 1st. But of course there will be more down time than having a natural delivery.

Sigh.. how to be able to decide?

Three Steps Forward!

Sophie has managed 3 steps walking without support. =)

Also, she's managed to sleep through the night without a night feed for the past few nights (just the occasional need to be patted) BUT only if I am sleeping next to her. If its her dad, she will wail and scream in the middle of the night and nothing he does can calm her down.

Sigh.. I want my baby to sleep peacefully, but I also need my own rest! Argh!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Updates to Sophie-Mouse Operating Manual

Please note the updates to the Sophie-Mouse Operating Manual:

1. Sophie-Mouse programme has now been updated to give Cuddles-On-Demand(TM). However, this exclusive service is provided only to authorized users such as Mummy, Daddy and Grandma. Unauthorized users should not attempt to execute the application and Sim Family Manufacturing will not be responsible for any defects in the operation of "Sophie-Mouse" product (eg. emitting whining noise) should any unauthorized execution be attempted.

Features of the new Cuddles-On-Demand(TM) programme include:
- extension of Mouse upper appendage around the head
- close interfacing of Mouse and User
- excited waving of Mouse lower appendages

2. Sophie-Mouse programme is now also able to perform self-feeding. Please note that as the programme is still in the trial stage, it is restricted to Gerber's Graduates Puff (Star-shape) only and may result in much fallout. Users attempting to execute Self-Feeding application should be very patient and prepared to pick up the pieces.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A moment like this

.. "some people wait a lifetime, for a moment like this."

enjoying the everyday moments with Miss Mouse.

Scratch that name!

We were originally going to name our #2 Baby Zoe.. I mean, how difficult does THAT get to pronounce?

Well, according to my FIL, he first called her..

"JOE".. then..

"JOE-Y".. and then..

"ZOO-E".. before finally getting the right pronunciation of


Maybe "Zoe" isn't such an ideal name after all!

Standing Tall

Mouse has managed to stand on her own without support!

Previously, she would have to grap onto something and use it to pull herself up. But yesterday morning, when she woke up, she simply stood up without help from her sitting position. Both G and I were half asleep and so we didn't really realise what she had accomplished.. So it took about 5 seconds for me to yell "Hey she's standing up all by herself!" LOL. Trust Miss Sophie to do this kind of things at 5am in the morning..

Anyway, she has been happily making use of her new found ability since then. At church, she walked all the way across about 1m of the soft playmat without support. Hooray!

My little girl will be walking soon.. She's growing up so fast!

Also, her rate of learning is really so much faster now. She know the meaning of words like "fan", "clock", "goldfish", "horse", "bubbles", "care bear", "hamtaro" (the last 2 being her favourite toys at home) and will turn her head to look at these items whenever we ask her where they are. And yesterday, Roselyn and I taught her how to feed herself with her finger snacks in the nursery, Within just 5 mins she has picked up the skill and will now grab the star snack from my hand and place into her own mouth. Its kind of messy but so cute!

Sophie and Roselyn

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sophie's 1 year old birthday party / Cow's detailed scan

Sophie is turning 1 in less than 2 months time. Meantime, I have not started planning for her birthday party yet |||-_-

Seeing all the elaborate details that other mummies look into (venue, invitations, decor, food, door gifts, activities to entertain parents / kiddies, family photoshoots, professional photographers/videographers, the all-important bday cake etc).. makes me shudder and wonder how I can manage to coordinate these in the remaining few weeks, AND somemore school work is so busy.. Argh..

Maybe we shall just have a family gathering.. Not like S will remember her first birthday anyway.. =P

- cruel mummy!

On another note, we have had Cow's detailed scan at TMC today. She was happily wiggling throughout the scan and even had a "Bruce Lee" pose with both hands in front of her face partway through. Haha. Looks like she is gonna be able to fight with the jiejie for being bossy and domineering!

Apparently she is absolutely average for all the parameters measured, which is really great as it shows her growth is on track and all the parts of her body are developing normally. Good cow! The radiographer was very nice and chatted to us telling us what the different parts of the body are. It is really much more detailed than the ultrasound machine at Dr Koh's office and much easier to interpret. The radiographer seems to be a rush though and the scan went much faster than Sophie's. Maybe because Sophie was spinning and kicking and flipping her way through when we did hers, or maybe because we were the last appointment for the day and the radiographer wanna quickly finish and go home.. LOL..

Monday, January 12, 2009

Separation Anxiety

Sophie seems to know that I am coming back to work.. She has been real clingy to me the past few days (whines and wails if others carry her, etc), woke up almost every half hour last night wanting to be carried and consoled, and according to G has been behaving like a spoilt child since I've been out today.

Hope she gets over this phase soon..

My Godson, Gabriel Tan Kwang Joo

Note: Sophie and Gabriel are 6 months apart in age and almost the same size!

Favourite pics of myself and mouse so far

My colleague commented that the pics of S with Daddy are always very nice.
Its the photographer, lah. =)

What's left unsaid, is that my pics with her and much less nice.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Back from HK

Since I can't shop for much clothes, high heeled shoes or accessories, guess what I spent most of my time doing..