Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sizing her up

Ups, thanks to her Daddy G: Sophie's very own set of dresser drawers!

So, been packing her stuff and attempting to categorize them in a somewhat-systematic manner. Realised that baby clothes sizing is TOTALLY BUAY ZHUN ONE.

In another words, don't bother following the age ranges shown on the label, cos something marked for newborn can range in size from 18cm-28cm in width!

Now scratching my head over how to categorize her clothes so she can wear before she outgrows them.. Do I measure by length? Width? Stretched or unstretched? Does the material matter (some are stretchy, some are not).. etc etc etc ARGH!!

For now, I have decided to categorize by unstretched width of clothes, in 4cm intervals. So I packed all the 18-22cm width together, 22-26cm together, etc etc etc. I have no idea whether that corresponds to 0-3 months, 3-6 months etc though. And yes, her kiasu mummy has already bought some clothes for up to 12 months kids!!

In the midst of doing so, realised I have accumulated lots and lots of baby clothes already. Most are bought second hand; I'd say probly only 30% of the things we have are new. And many of the new ones came about because we were given vouchers for baby shops. But then again, lots and lots is just my perception; maybe she'll need to change clothes 5-6 times a day (if there are stains during feeding, diaper changing etc) and then I would run through all the clothes of each size range I have in, oh, three days. But then again, since babies are supposed to grow really quickly, she would wear each piece only about 10-20 times anyway?

*shrugs* Will see how it goes..

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