Monday, January 28, 2008

Blurness Championships (Car Segment)

Level 1:
Parked car.
Forgot to lock the car.
Committed by: Everyone

Level 2:
Parked car.
Forgot where car is parked.
Spent 30 minutes searching for car.
Committed by: My mother

Level 3:
Parked car.
Threw away keys together with used parking coupons into rubbish bin.
Realised keys missing 2 hours later when wanting to leave.
Found keys after another 2 hours of retracing steps through the shopping area.
Committed by: My mother

Level 10:
Parked car.
Forgot to remove keys from ignition and left engine running.
Walked off and return next day to find keys gone, car locked, and a sign taped to windscreen requesting owner of the car to call a certain phone number to retrieve the keys.
Committed by: My mother

Level 100 (最高境界):
Parked car.
Forgot that got drive car.
Asked another person for a lift home, got onto the other car.
Left car in carpark.
Committed by: ME

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