Friday, January 25, 2008

Things to do

1. Pack hospital bag.
2. Prepare all the documentation to bring to hospital.
3. Go to the bank and certify my account as the mouse's mother to receive baby bonus.
4. Send in applications for maternity leave, insurance claims etc to school.
5. Wash all her clothes, bedding, stroller and car seat covers, etc etc.
6. Set up cot.
7. Set up playpen.
8. Buy playpen mattress.
9. Set up yaolan.
10. Set up stroller/car seat.
11. Find and set up safety gate.
12. Buy a small tin of formula milk to standby.
13. Meet confinement lady.
14. Find post-natal massage lady.
15. Clear out room downstairs for confinement lady and cot.
16. Buy herbs / tonics for confinement.
17. Set up a "baby foodstuff area" with the sterilizer, bottle warmer, bottle storage space, hot water supply etc.
18. Sterilize all the bottles, tongs, breast pump etc.
19. Set up a "breastfeeding area" with the chair I bought, feeding pillow etc.
20. Sleep more.
21. Eat less.
22. Find all those niggly small things like cloth diapers, tummy binders etc that I haven't found yet.
23. Buy more newborn / small sized diapers.
24. Find recommendations for a good, nearby and not-so-ex paediatrician.
25. Finish reading up on labour, breastfeeding and baby care.


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