Thursday, November 09, 2006


.. is the sincerest form of flattery.

Bored with writing next year's lecture notes, I turn to blogsurfing for inspiration.

Presenting short snippets on the freaking-ridiculous-weather written in the style of:

The rain whips down on leaded panes and melts my soul into puddles that drain into the sewers. I stare out into the grey and it strikes me that the rain, at least, has constancy. I want to step out into the rain and feel it wash my thoughts, my mind, my heart clean.

It's raining. Argh!
Shall finish my work and get out of here..
(this post published at 9.38pm)

Kenny Sia
It is raining.

I am driving in the rain.

Ah Law
Aiyo y the rain. Stupid me nv bring umbrella.
i gtg or else late for cg liao. Sian the rain.

Hmm it's raining again today. It has been raining in the afternoon for the past few days! Fortunately, my nice colleague Mr X. has offered to drive me to school so that I will not fall sick. Hmm shall make sure that Mr X. will get to eat my next batch of cookies.

... raining... yupp.. is like how i am feeling now.. lightning.. thunders.. reminded me of the days past..
but there will be sunshine after the rain.. yes.. holding on to God's promise.. rain.. or thunder.. or lightnins.. wouldn't last forever..

When I looked out into the rain, I saw..
(insert cheeminology here)
So what does raining mean to you?

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