Saturday, June 13, 2009

One Week: A Rare Moment of Peace

Zoe is one week old today and it is one week since my C-section.

She is a pretty good baby, does not fuss except when she is hungry; but boy, she gets hungry VERY OFTEN! At the age of less than 1 week, she can drain both breasts, drink down 2ounces of EBM, then still squall for FM - all in the space of 2 hours! Gosh! Her intake is about 3oz every 2.5-3 hours and has been since she got home.. Thats alot for a 1week old gal! S only managed 3oz at the age of about 1 month. And she is very serious about drinking.. drains down the milk so fast and sucks so hard that she gets red lines around her mouth at every feed HAHA.
Z is also a very smily baby.. Have been trying to get a picture of her smiling but not succeeded yet.

My milk supply is in, but boy it is NOT ENOUGH to feed that hungry little cow. Its better than with Sophie though, and increasing by the day. So I hope my ss will be able to peak up at a level that can TBF Zoe, though I am still far from it now. Downing lots of soups, red date tea, and taking fenugreek capsules. Hopefully I will improve! My nipples are also really sore from the vigorous mis-treatment by Zoe.. =(
The incision is also healing pretty well and I can move about with much less pain now than immediately after the section. Its quite amazing how fast the body recovers from major surgery =) I am still a little disappointed that I did not manage to VBAC for Zoe - didn't even get to try. Maybe a VBA2C for the next one? We'll see how things go.. after AT LEAST 1 year break!

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