Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Discouraged =(

40wks plus 1 day, and Zoe is still showing no signs of coming out AT ALL. No dilation, effacement, and still way high up. Similar to S.. Doc has proven his stats-loving tendencies again and declares me only 20-30% chance of natural delivery given the circumstances.

So, we have scheduled a C-section for Friday evening (40wks + 4days). If she does not appear by then, it will be off to the chopping board for me. =( Its particularly upsetting cos it will affect any future kid(s) as well, almost no gynae will allow any further trial of labour with a 2 C-section history (read: any future kids must be born by C-section), and most gynaes will recommend tubal ligation (read: permanent cessation of baby-making) after a 3rd C-section as the womb will be too weak to support any further pregnancy.

The good news is that she is still very active and having a good CTG readout. ie, the placenta is still functioning well and conditions inside the womb are still optimal. Thats why we can afford to wait till Friday.

Sigh.. I have no problems throughout the pregnancy for both gals, but seems like I have a problem getting un-pregnant!! HoW????

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