Thursday, December 27, 2007


Generosity is a state of mind.

Seen many generous parents when I began to browse on Singapore Motherhood and SG Freecycle recently.

Many of them offer to give away stuff that must have cost them hundreds of dollars. Like cots, strollers, toys, clothes etc.
Others offer oodles of free advice and uploaded their meticulously compiled checklists and "instruction manual" on baby care.

I picked up a loan of baby rocker, crib light, baby gym and a gift of toys today. From a lady who lives in a 3-room flat whom I have never seen in my life. After I thanked her and left the flat, she still kept smsing me about other baby items she had, asking if I wanted them or not.

Is she rich in the conventional sense? Probably not.
But that didn't stop her from being generous.
She is just an ordinary person who makes giving a lifestyle, who puts the needs of others before those of her self.

Through her giving, more than just the physical things I have brought home, my eyes were opened to the generous spirit of people around.

I hope others will be similarly blessed by what I can give them too.

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