Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Super good day!

Wahaha! I'm in a super pleased mood today..

Reason #1: Anti-Hor-Sin Anointing!
Its been raining on and off all day long for the past few days. Usually, I'm the kind of person who is a "Hor Sin" (雨神) - wherever I go, rain clouds will follow. But today, I REPELLED the rain clouds! Yeah!

a. The rain started JUST AFTER I picked my mum from Harbourfront. Thank God for that else she would be wet and sick after boat trip back from Batam on the choppy seas.
b. It rained on the way back to Upper Thomson.
c. BUT! The rain stopped as we reached my place. Managed to get into my place totally dry and unloaded stuff for about 10 mins.
d. It rained JUST AFTER we got back on the car to travel to Yew Tee.
e. The rain stopped as we reached Yew Tee and unloaded more stuff.
f. It started raining again JUST AFTER my mum pulled the last bag into the void deck of our Yew Tee house. By the time I finished parking car in the multi-storey carpark, it was raining cats and dogs. But again, totally dry because there's a walkway connecting carpark to my block.

All the "just after" are literally within 1-2 minutes. Wow.. Looks like my anti-hor-sin anointing only covers a very small area..

Reason #2: Aunty saves money!
I really feel more and more aunty everyday. Became a bargain hunter extraordinaire during this Holidays. I mean, who can resist 50% off sale? Somemore I was armed with a Mothercare voucher from Karen.

So of course ZHAM lah!!

Presenting the fruits of my shopping:

3 super sweet tops.. Quite unisex looking but its a welcome change from all the pink stuff.

3 pants to match the above tops! 2 long pants & 1 short pants.

See what I meant by pink stuff? Even though 2 of the tops are neutral colour, the detailing is still in pink..

2 long pants to match the above. Can't see the one below in pic, but it's brown with (guess what) PINK details..

And for these 11 items, I paid a grand total of.. $26!! Wahaha!
I was so happy I immediately smsed G about it. Poor bemused husband must have been like "OK, whatever".. He has no aunty instincts at all. But the quality is really super good.. Can wear for long long kind. And according to Tiffany, their sizes are quite big so you can wear beyond the stated age/weight range for quite a while.

Thank you Karen! You have really been a blessing.. I will ask my girl to give you a thank-you kick next weekend OK?

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