Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Inefficient Bus Service

The Inefficient Bus Service truly merits the "I" in their name.

Not only are they Inefficient, they are also
Incapable of adhering to timetables,
with buses that operate Independent of the needs of the population,
running on Indeterminate schedules that are completely


5.45pm, bus stop opposite Far East Plaza.

One of those newfangled stops that have electronic announcements of bus timings.
Time to next 2 167s: 13mins, 19 mins.
20 mins later, time to next 2 167s: 5 mins, 8 mins.
The next time I look up, time to next 2 167s: 30 mins, 37 mins.
OMG the bus drivers got Raptured and I got Left Behind.
Decided to take the 162 which came and change to another bus at Thomson instead.
Lo and behold, when I alighted 162 at Thomson, 167 was right behind.
(Rejected from the Pearly Gates, maybe?)

Time reached home: 7.00pm.

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