Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Countdown, another 12 weeks more.

The reality of being a mum is coming closer and closer every day. Time seems to fly so fast now. I think I'm still in "denial mode".. oh dear. But I've officially stepped into my 3rd trimester already.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!


My colleagues who are also expecting their first babies were telling me they are having so much fun buying stuff for baby.
I was like "fun" ?

To me, I see more things to spend money on.
I've always been a very "controlled" spender, who can walk into 10 shops to compare prices before finally deciding on 1 shop to go to and buy. I will even surf online to see if I can find it cheaper anywhere. Especially at this season, where many shops are having sales, a 10% vs 15% vs 20% vs 25% discount really makes a difference for the big ticket items.
But this same habit causes me to be very "sian" at the moment, because I will drag my whale-sized self all over the place to look at stuff, and drag the same whale-sized self back to the "best" place to buy and lug all the stuff home. Mostly all by myself because there's no school at the moment, so I go during afternoon times when there is no one else free to go with me (and no one else clogging up the stores BWHAHAHA. Advantage of being a teacher.)

I also lug home magazines and books on parenting from the library. Ugh..
Sigh.. How can such laborious things be fun??


These are the things I've been praying for the last few months. Warning, lots of biological terminology ahead..


Cervix: Remain long and closed and keep baby safe for the whole duration of pregnancy; ripen between the 38th - 39th weeks, and efface and dilate efficiently during labour.
Uterus: Be strong and sturdy; have efficient contractions to push her out.
Perineum: Be elastic and do not tear. No episiotomy required.
Body: No water retention throughout pregnancy.
Heart: Cope well with increased blood flow.
Breasts: Develop ducts and flow well for lactation. Able to produce more than enough milk for baby's needs. No blocked ducts.
Skin: No stretch marks to develop.
Fats: GO AWAY!! Stay far far away! (runs screaming from the fats)

Provide good nourishment and stay firmly attached to wall of uterus. Move to a good position so that natural birth can occur. Detach easily from the uterus after baby is delivered.
Cord: Be of perfect length, not wound around her neck, and not be compressed. Do not prolapse.
Amniotic sac and fluid: Be of the right amount to cushion baby and allow for free limb development, do not rupture prematurely, especially do not rupture in the middle of the night and ruin my mattress!
Body position: Be head straight down and engaged by the 36th week. Birth weight of between 3-3.5kg.
Head: Be well formed and well proportioned, but small enough to pass through the pelvic girdle. No cephalo-pelvic disproportion. No need C-section.. AMEN!
Brain: Develop perfectly. Have the right amount of fluid, and all brain tissues in the right proportion.
ENT system: Ears, nose and throat to develop perfectly. Ducts form correctly.
Eyes: Well formed, perfect eyesight.
Body: Well formed, trunk and limbs in good proportion.
Limbs: Well proportioned, muscles to develop strongly. Digits to function perfectly.

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