Monday, December 17, 2007

Growing old with you

Scampy has been with me since he was a 3 month old puppy, 13+ years ago.

Today I tried to play with him with his 13 years old squeaky toy.
It's totally 走样了but he still remains faithful to it nonetheless.
Once I pressed the toy, a spark of his old alertness returned and he crawled off his blanket to sniff at his toy.
But when I gently threw the toy for him to chase, he wasn't able to find it back.

Then, I tried to feed him one of his favourite foods, yogurt.
He had always been enthusiastic for yogurt and would wait by my side for the empty yogurt cup to lick.
But when I spooned some yogurt onto his feeding dish, he couldn't identify what it was.
Finally, he remembered that it was something he liked and licked the dish clean.

My poor Scampy is really growing old.

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