Monday, December 10, 2007


Me: Its raining. Can you help me drive my car over to the sheltered area please?


Me: (spends 5 minutes describing car make, model and exact location)

YW: Is it heavy?

Me: (puzzled) No, my car is not heavy.


More 笨事:
A few weeks ago, when Pst Ulf was preaching.
The guest singer, Carola, was with him..

I just cannot resist but make jokes about her name.. Cos I thought it was spelt "Corolla".

Is her surname = Toyota?
And her siblings names = Wish?

The best part came when we were discussing the duty.
Because I wasn't on duty that weekend, I heard this second hand.
Apparently, Carola likes to eat bananas. So, she asked for bananas, which was transmitted over the net.

But when Alan was describing "Carola wants bananas", I heard "GORILLA wants bananas" instead.. And I blurted that out to the whole table..

They all couldn't stop laughing for the next 5 minutes solid.

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