Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dinner at Juan's

Dinner at Juan's house aka the Abode of the Domestic Goddess, 03-12-2007.

In attendance: G, me, Matt, Rachel, little Alethea, Hongye and Juan. Min maintained a silent, invisible hovering presence due to her being ill.

Time: 07:30pm. Received a call from Juan asking where are you? Turns out she had timed her cooking to be all fresh and piping hot when the guests arrived at, supposedly, 7.30pm. Wow. Fortunately, G and me were just downstairs.

1. Fried cabbage
2. Chicken fried with button mushrooms

3. Mushroom omelette
4. Prawns fried with tofu and 荷兰豆
5. Papaya and white fungus soup
6. Potato and ham au gratin

You can tell which were my favourite dishes. Heh.

Dessert was corn hoon kueh, which we forgot to take a picture of, so here's a picture of a similar looking one, courtesy of bakingmum:

Replace the pisangs with corn, and you get the idea of what our dessert looked like!

Although we managed to polish off most of the dinner, we were just too stuffed by the time it came to hoon kueh. So we each got to da bao some home (yayness!)

Alethea approves of her dinner!

Evening was rounded off with wine (from G) and chocolates (from Matt), followed by a very sleepy and well-fed bunch making their way home.

All thanks to Juan for the hard work and hours of preparation!

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