Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weird Dreams / Sophie's Birthday Wishlist

The weird and vivid dreams are back again.. those that I used to have in the 1st trimester with both Sophie and Zoe.

Chronicles of the past few nights:
- I was having triplets and was totally convinced it was true because of the size of my stomach. Was happily feeling all 3 wriggling around in my sleep.. gosh. And when I woke up it took me a while to un-convince myself of the truth of my dream!
- Giant was having a sale where all items cost $3. I happily bought 2 Yves Saint Laurent cosmetic sets for my mum and only after paying at the counter realised I should have bought diapers and wipes instead. *facepalm* so I went back into the immensely crowded supermarket once more to search for diapers, by which time there were only 2 packets left and no more wipes (sob).
- Got into a car accident with G, but it was him banging into me.. his car rear-ended my car. His favourite Suzy was 'resurrected' for the duration of my dream, haha, only to end up banging into my rear. I was so mad with him that I got out of the car and walked off, leaving both cars and hubby at the traffic junction!

I wonder what I will dream of next.. geez.

To answer the many queries about Sophie's birthday wishlist (actually rather Mummy's wishlist for Sophie):
a. Age appropriate toys for 12-24 months. Stuff like MegaBloks/Duplo, MagnaDoodle, a junior tricycle, activity table, etc.
b. Music CDs / kiddy DVDs that we can use to entertain her and keep her IN ONE PLACE gahhhh.
c. A potty! Heh. Hopefully we can start toilet training her by the time she hits 2. My helper tells me that her son was toilet trained by 1 year 2 months.. Gosh!! Such a big saving on diapers, haha.. Shall get my helper to faster help me train the Mouse.
d. Shoes for her just-starting-to-walk feet.
e. For the practical gift-givers: Safety gate for the stairs - we will need it once she's able to walk by herself!
f. For the (immensely) practical: M/L size diapers or baby wipes - always needed. Refer to dream #2 above. heh.

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