Monday, February 16, 2009

How I have changed!

Last Saturday, the 14th of February, was spent mostly nuah-ing at home. And visiting Celine and Jason whose stunning 3.9kg boy Seth was born early that afternoon!

Now, as people comment on how they spend their V-day and ask me how I spent mine, and I reply "oh I was at home!", I reflect on how much I have changed from the years before I got married. Before, I was hardly ever at home and my schedule is packed from morning to night 7 days a week. Life was lived at a fast pace and I am certainly one of the "on" people among my friends.

Now, my life is much much more home-bound. Probably because of baby Sophie (and soon to be Zoe), my hubby tends to be the stay-at-home-avoid-crowds kind of person. So I have to stay at home more too. Compared to 7 nights a week out last time, I now spend the majority of my nights at home. And I certainly can't imagine spending "special days" doing nothing last time, but this round when hubby asked me on Friday where I want to celebrate, I actually turned to him and asked him "Celebrate what?". LOL!

But flowers, gifts and nice meals are still welcome.. any day.. hehe..

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