Thursday, February 12, 2009


Very funny, I decided to blog because I couldn't stand seeing the same post every time I load up my blog. Stupid hor.. MY BLOG leh.. of course I will know that I didn't post and silly me still go and load the page and be sian about not having new posts.

Kiam pah hor??

Anyway, SLOW reflects exactly the word i feel about myself now. Slow to blog, slow to put up photos, slow in scrapping, slow in doing work, slow in thinking.. urgh. I just feel so lazy and lethargic all the time! And to think I still have another 1/3 of this pregnancy to go.. Oh man.. I wonder how I'm going to "live with myself".

It would be really nice to be able to nuah for the remainder of the time till June 1st.. HA HA DREAM ON!! Work hard, work hard, work harder is more like it lor.. Lol.. And after June 1st, I must work EVEN HARDER for more moolah to feed 2 kids instead of 1! Sadly, no one wants to take me on as a tutor this year because I've told them upfront that I will have to take 1 month break in June. Sob sob.. have plenty of enquiries but they all fizzled out after realising about delivery in June. Ah well, must pray for lots of tuitions from June onwards! Let there be plenty of last minute students this year!

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