Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Phone is Dying

Ironically it is the newer phone, the N6500S, that is giving me problems.. my hardy years-old N6230 is still going strong despite of having to be tied together with a rubber band to keep the battery connection in place.

I dropped the 6500 yesterday.. not a very big or violent drop, but since then it has been acting up weirdly. Last night, a round patch on the right side of my screen start appearing pixelated. Now, the pixelated portion has extended to black lines that run horizontally across about 1/4 of the screen. Can still read messages though cos the lines are spaced pretty far apart.

Hopefully it doesn't get any worse and maybe miraculously spontaneously resolve.. HAHA.. else it mean I have to go and waste time to queue at Nokia service center again.. Urgh. Took me 3 hours to queue to submit the phone AND another 3 hours to queue to collect my previous phone last time!

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