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Warning: Mega Long post with loads of pics - Scraps for Feb

022; Joyful Baby

Did one of the first LOs with cutting out of designs on the PP last night. OMG, the cutting almost killed! And worst of all, the cut-out designs do not really stand out even though I put up to 3 layers of pop up tape behind them.

Kind of regret not distressing the diecut flower PP before sticking it down, and regret not stickling the edges of the cut-outs to make them more obvious. Ah well. Done is done and I'm not taking the LO out of my album again! Grr!

Can you see the pop-ups????
Please say you can!!

Ingredients: PP: Colorbok (part of a package of die-cut flower papers), Creative Imaginations, K&Co Urban Rhapsody die-cut mat pad Alphas: AC Thickers Lax Embellishments: Making Memories Vintage Hip trims, MM Delaney note paper, Laundry Line Flirty Play chipboard accessories, MM Delaney metal signage, Buzz and Bloom acrylic accent (Up the Garden Path - Fuschia), Urban Lily rub-on.

DS Album - Review
Done at Laine's class.. Oh boy.. this is going to be one heck of a project to finish doing (and blogging about!)

1a. Cover Page:

All cardstocks, papers, gaffer tape, twill and tag from Laine's class kit; I *think* the Observations stamp is from 7G, the owl stamp which is embossed in gold is from Maya Road; ghost clock stamp is pretty sure from Heidi Swapp. Chipboard leaves from Maya Road and Glimmer-misted blue.

A very interesting effect is the brown distress ink on blue paper. The paper actually had glossy portions and the distress ink can be wiped right off these portions. Hence leaving the look as seen above.

Things I added: Rub-on quote from Autumn Leaves Manhattan collection, Family chipboard word from Maya Road glimmer misted in Robin's Egg and Suede.

1b. Back of cover page and
2a. Front of first chipboard page

To the left hand side of this photo is the interior of the cover page. Pasted down a few scrap pieces of papers from the class kit and added the buttons and rub-ons myself. Rub-ons from 7G Pretoria Fortunes.

On the right hand side of the photo is the first page. 7G library pocket and tags from the class kit; I added the rubons from 7G and AL. You can see a small string on the right of the page which is a 7G circular photo turn tied on using twine.. more about this on the..

2b: Back of first chipboard page and
3a: Front of large library card pocket

At the bottom left hand corner of the left page is the circular photo turn mentioned earlier.. I stuck a 7G metal words etc glass bubble onto it which reads "wishes". Not sure if it can be seen though.
Left hand page additional stuff - Together chipboard words from Maya Road, again glimmer misted in blue. Yes, I have only two shades of glimmer mist, how did you tell?? This is from the same little chipboard words set as the "family" on the first page. And you will also see "blessings" and "love" in the same kind of pattern inside the book too. Heh.
Rubons from 7G & Pink Paislee, alphas from AC thickers Poolside, counting blessings sticker from AL Quote Unquote "Friends".

Right page is the front of the large library pocket. Faith is a Jenni Bowlin bingo card, Hope is a Tim Holtz Adage Ticket, and Love is a chipboard accent from Memory Boutique.

3b. Interior of large library pocket
Stuffed in a photo of Sophie at her baby dedication in Nov 2008. Stuck on cardstock from the class kit - additional stuff are 7G Photo stickers and Prima Say it with Crystals black crystal frame.

3c. Back of large library pocket
This is one of my favourite photos of all time of Sophie.. looks like such a poignant moment.
Actually what she is so intently studying is the bottle of puffs that her grandad is holding.. and in the next instant after the photo was taken she snatched it away from him most unceremoniously. LOL.

Quote is a cutout from Cosmo Cricket Little Girls paper kit, rubons from 7G and AL as usual.

4a. Front of second chipboard page
This page is very "out" of colour scheme from the rest of the pages.. but I have a reason.. LOL. The original 7G tag in the class kit had a quote that wasn't quite relevant to what I wanted this page for.. the quote was something about "family" but I wanted a page just for me. Heh. So I covered the 7Gtag with a Brenda Walton Mira tag from K&Company.
And since its such a "girly" colour tone, I decided to add on lots of flowery blings!
Various flowers from Making Memories Passport collection, Kaiser Craft, Imaginisce, Queen & Co flower brads, KCK metal flower brads.
Who, Me alphas from AC Sarah Script stickers. NB - I love these! But I can't seem to find them in SB shops anymore. Please please tell me if you see them!

4b. Interior of tag foldout on second chipboard page
Short blab about me. Hey, I did the album, I'm entitled to at least one page all for my self!

4c. Back of second chipboard page
This is the first as-yet-to-be-filled page in my album. LOL, there are lots more to come behind. I am planning to add on to the journalling and photos as 2009 goes along.. I am too lazy to make a 2nd "family" album just to include #2 Zoe. Sorry baby, even before you are born you got to share everything with jiejie.

Additional stuff: Metal heart from Blue Moon Beads (loves!!) and chandelier laser cutout from RiffRaff Designs.

Oh boy, now we come to the biggest section of the entire album.. the flipbook!
*deep breath*

5a. Front page of flipbook
Flipbook is a very interesting concept as the base is a piece of chipboard, and various 7G revolving carousel cards are stuck on to both the front and the back using gaffer tape. So when you reach the middle of the flipbook, you have to flip over the chipboard piece to continue to view the rest of the pages.

Aiyah I don't make sense.. You need to see it for yourself.

Anyway, the front page of flipbook used 7G 97% complete tag, Hamblys' Decor Notes paper, and 7G gaffer tape (as well as my own addition.. the polka dot paper on the back of the Prima Say it with Crystals package.

Additional decor on the Family Matters card:
Hambly's Screenprints - Birdcages, cutouts of tags from Brenda Walton Mira tag pad from K&Co for the journalling space plus the word "happiness", crystal swirls from Prima, double layered punch-out and distressed butterflies held together with Queen & Co heart brad, square frame rubon by Urban Lily, "all because two people fell in love" quote from Cosmo Cricket Little Girls collection kit.

5b. First page of flipbook
Wedding picture. Distressed with a different ink colour (Faded Jeans by Tim Holtz) because I thought it matched the colour scheme of the picture better. All other distressing were done with a mix of Timber Brown (StazOn), Caramel (Adirondack), Tea Dye and Vintage Photo (both Tim Holtz).
Note paper from Making Memories 5th Avenue, crystal swirls from Prima, The Momentous Tag from Daisy D's. On the right hand side, only partially visible, a "love you" metal signage from Making Memories Delaney, and rub ons from Maya Road Nature. Totally invisible (facepalm!!) is another tag hanging from the end of the scalloped paper that reads "this photo". Its back to back with the "this picture" tag you will see on the next page. Basically punched out two Daisy D die-cut cardstocks and stuck them back to back for the effect.

5c. Second page of flipbook
TV addicts both.. Haha.. One of the similarities between father and daughter. Here, Sophie about 5 months old and she is already so intense on the remote control. Yes, they are both facing the TV in case you are doubting the TV addict label!

You can see the "this picture" tag on the left hand side of this photo that I mentioned before.
Fonts from AC Thickers Leg Warmers and Lax, 7G photo stickers, metal signage from MM Delaney, and rubons from 7G and AL.. Do you notice a trend, I am trying to use as much of one product as I can on one project.. mainly to finish up the product and therefore my stash pile! Of course, they will coordinate with each other perfectly well too. Heh.

5d. Third page of flipbook
Well since I have a page about myself I guess my hubby has to get one too. And ends up, his page is so much nicer than mine.. boo. =(

This photo was taken when his photog buddies in church were clowning around taking pictures of each other. So it has the very "photographer" element of the white studio backdrop, good lighting and monochromatic apparel. Yet, it also shows off his drama-king side with the jumping action and big grin. If you know G, you will know that these are the 2 biggest passions of his life. Wife rank way below.. Haha.

Additional stuff:
Lots of 7G photo stickers and Fortunes rubons; I did some on the photo and some on the photo sleeve, with popped-up effect, for texture. MM Love Notes note paper, Pink Paislee Press-Ons, and journalling finally done on top of a Daisy D cardstock tag pasted on top of both. The No 1 * in the lower right hand corner also from Daisy D, and rubons from AL.

5e. Fourth page of flipbook
This is the first page where you have to flip to the back of the chipboard to get to the rest of the flipbook.. you can see it from the different "backdrop" to the revolving carousel cards (if you know what I mean).

This is also one of my all time favourite series, Sophie with my mum-in-law. Taken when she was about 3 months old, she was laughing and smiling so happily. Now, its MUCH harder to keep her entertained!

Heidi Swapp clear extras, the usual 7G and AL rubons, another metal heart from Blue Moon Beads, binder clip with 7G photo stickers stuck on, and flower created from MM Passport, KaiserCraft and Imaginisce flowers.

Oh yes, I tried to distress-ink the first photo on the left too. Can you tell? But it didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to, perhaps because the ink pad I own is Tea Dye and the correct colour for the effect is Vintage Photo. I've been on a quest to find Vintage Photo since and have not succeeded. Boo.

5f. Fifth page of flipbook
OK, this is another totally-out-of-overall-feel page, but i couldn't help it because this is the nicest photo of Sophie with my parents that I have! It was taken only this CNY. Sophie has never been the best photo subject and with my parents its usually even worse as she wriggles and struggles - she is not as used to my parents as to my in-laws. Add to the fact that my mum usually comes over after her gym session at Bishan and she will be in absolutely lok-kok clothes! So, no nice photos of my parents sides of the family.

Fonts: AC Thickers Playroom and Lax. Chipboard tag from Basic Grey Sultry chipboard shapes, felt heart-stalk from (somewhere-don't-know-where), MM Delaney metal signage again and rubons from AL. Back of binder tag is shown with another 7G photo sticker and another piece of sticker on the photo sleeve.

5g. Blank pages of flipbook
These are the pages I conveniently decided I would leave blank for Zoe's pictures when she arrives. Heh. You can see the back side of the chipboard used to hold the flipbook on the left hand side of the picture.

By the way, the rest of the pages that you see on the right hand side are all blank too. All for Zoe and the rest of 2009!

6. Tabbed Pages
The first tabbed page can be seen on the right hand side of previous photo. Here are the rest of them:
Aside from sticking down the pieces of scrap paper, cardstock and twine from the class kit, I have only added one of the Heidi Swapp Clear Extras on the last page of the tabbed book.

7. Third chipboard page
Added on a cutout of "the sims" using AC Sarah Script on cardstock, and a layered flower with MM Passport and Imaginisce. The bottom layer of the flower was pretty interesting - I punched out 2 layers of flowers from an angpow paper and pasted them back to back, so that the protruding edge of the flower from the side of the tag would appear red from behind as well. However, I pasted the 2 layers slightly out of alignment so you can see from white from the front and some red from the back. The curly bracket is from a RAK from Dorcas.
Interior of the tag

Back of third chipboard page on the left hand side. Remember the Maya Road chipboard words from the front of the album.. well here are the last two of those words!

On the right hand side of the photo is the -

8. Back cover of album
This page is also chipboard but glimmer-misted blue. Family heirloom tag in the top right hand corner from Spotlight, Prima crystal swirls, and metal tags from MM Passport collection.
The interior of the tags on the last page, which are also blank.

Whew! That's the end of this mega-long post. Give yourselves a hand if you have read this far! =P

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