Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Slam a glass globe over their heads

and make sure that they, and only they, get to breathe in the horrid fumes of their incense / wood / charcoal / whatever burning. Then maybe it'll stop! Gosh!

Living here is like being adjacent to the forest fires in Indonesia.
I kid you not. It is that bad. Some random insomniac neighbour (GAHHHH if I ever find out who) keeps on burning copious amounts of Foul Smelling Stuff.
In the middle of the night.
Every night.

I swear, my lungs are turning all black on their nice pinky moist insides with the smoke. And when I think of what its doing to Sophie's little lungs.. Urgh.

Anyone knows if there's anything we can do about it?
- it only happens at night, hardly possible to call an MOEnv person to come down in the wee hours, no?
- difficult to identify which house is doing it because its night time
- the perps are doing everything in their own back yard, but it definitely affects many many people around


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