Monday, December 22, 2008

Hello, Cow!

I've had my 17th week scan for #2 today, and Doc says that its another girl! Hooray! I've wanted a 2nd girl ever since I found out I was pregnant.

1. Two sisters can play together and share together much more than brother and sister. I mean, there are some things you just don't discuss with a guy right?? Especially not your own brother..
2. Sophie's pretty clothes can all be re-used! Get more of their money's worth out of them. OMG I am so superficial. lol.
3. No need to start learning to avoid "sprinkler" systems when we change diapers.


Hopefully this moomoocow is more docile and less wriggly than her Jiejie. Sophie was always super active and flipping somersaults in her ultrasound scans. And her movements were so vigorous that I could see my entire stomach move at, like, 20 weeks? So far, moomoo has been rather quiet and "relax one corner" during the scans. I've felt her scritch-ing me about once or twice a day for the past few weeks, but nowhere near as much as Sophie! Let's pray that this will be an indicator of things to come after she's born.

Also, I'm gaining much less weight for this round than I did at first. Probably because my fat stores, increased blood volume, uterine muscles etc have all not quite subsided yet from the first pregnancy. I gained a total of 18kg for the 1st round, lost 13kg in between, and have gained only 2.5kg so far this round. I hope my weight gain maxes out at 10kg or less - makes it easier to lose after.

Fruit Update:
Eeek! Its an onion this week??

Lets look at happier fruits (ie. those I missed out the past few weeks)
Week 16 is an avocado. Urgh too. No avocadoes on my blog! See you for Week 18's fruit!

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