Friday, December 05, 2008

Finally 014, 015 and 016

Ai yo yo.
After how-many-months of no scrapping, here come 3 LOs.

Well 014 is supposed to be for my birthday (17th Sept) - I am more than 2 months late on this one.

015 and 016 done at KQ's place today for Moments Recorded challenge. Still slowly finding my mojo back so its relatively simple for these 3 LO.

014: I am Twenty Nine

The idea was to have 29 things that define me or I have done this year. It was so much harder to do (and so much more personal) than I thought and it took me ages to complete this. Which 29 things to choose? Why these? And how to condense it all into one page?

015 + 016: Jumperoo
First double page LO. They can be read separately or together as a spread - the journalling and titles can be read separately or together. Also, first LO with so many photos!

Left side, the ribbons almost killed me for sticking them on:

Right side:

As a 2 page LO:

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