Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas Non-Wishlist

- Clothes are depressing [can't wear]
- Shoes are depressing [can't wear - unless you can find me really nice and comfy and non-boring flats]
- Manicures and pedicures are depressing [nails are short and stubby in case i poke Sophie]
- Long dangly earrings are depressing [she pulls]
- in fact jewellery of any sort is depressing [she pulls, she grabs and she gnaws]
- Hair treatments are depressing [chemical treatments like dye-ing, highlighting and rebonding are supposed to affect the baby yada yada yada]

They're all depressing cos I can't have them / there is no point having them now.

- Bags I have in abundance (courtesy of last Christmas)
- Baby stuff I have in abundance [and can't think of any age appropriate toys that would entertain Sophie for the next few months]
- Scrapbooking stuff I have in abundance [oh Lord let that continue to be my (misguided) opinion and let it not change when I hit the stores and see the new releases ARGH!]


I got a pretty pretty pair of shoes from Kelly (Thank you so much!!) They are flats, non-boring, and really made my day. Hooray!!

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