Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A dream with a point

I dreamt that my current house was located along a stretch in Pasir Panjang that had been turned into a seafront promenade. Like, stepping out of the front door, you see cobblestoned streets and festive lights strung from lamp poles and a gorgeous sea view (never knew Singapore had such jewel-green seas so lovely). And lots of people strolling along the street that was lined chock-a-block with hole-in-the-wall eateries and uppity little boutiques.

Then it struck me that such a place would exist only in Sydney (the Rocks), or San Francisco (Pier 39), but no-way in Singapore. Awww. And hence we come to the main point of this post, a hint to G: bring me travelling!

(Continue to digress about the dream)
Our house had lovely princessy bedrooms upstairs where everything was coated in purple, haha. And it was snooty-uppity to the extent that the entrance from the cobblestoned walk was via a glass door that led to a hotel lobby, and then a further glass door that only we could get through. Woo!

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