Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Wishlist Part 1

Have thought of some things:

1. Makeup base from MAC or Shu Uemura (the tube, not the foam)
2. Heat gun and embossing powder
3. My Ted Baker bag! (provided its still in stock)
4. Of course, the ubiquitous vouchers - then again, I should be careful what I wish for: this birthday, i got NOTHING but paper (all Capitalland Mall vouchers). and yes I've spent them all. haha.
5. Bling bling sunglasses! Juan knows which pair.

alrighty! Sounds a little more positive eh! =)

Update #1 - Got my first 2 Christmas pressies today.
From KQ, a pair of Fie earrings that I wheedled her into getting for me (yes, I gave in to temptation despite not being able to wear them whenever Sophie's around). Yumms.
And from Tiffany, a bottle of Clarins' stretchmark oil. LOLLLLLL!! Definitely not something I would think of asking for but definitely uber useful in the months to come.

Update #2 - I've thought of Sophie's wishlist!
5. Jamie Rae hat - like so:

6. Fisher Price activity table - the one Kiddy Palace sells for $39.90. Sorry, didn't take note of the name.

Christmas is getting better and better! =)

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