Saturday, July 19, 2008

Accident Prone

I can't even believe myself that I fell down the stairs in school on Tuesday last week. =( Gotten myself a knee-cap size bruise and deep cut on my left knee, as well as assorted other abrasions and minor cuts on the rest of both legs. So I have been limping around everywhere since then. Thank God its more or less recovered already though I have to be very careful not to apply any pressure on the area else it will still be super painful.

Oh and as I limped to class on Wednesday and Thursday I proudly proclaimed to my students that I was literally lame. Hehe.

Also, I had my first accident ever as a driver after 8 years. In the past it has always been others bang me, I never bang into anyone before.Its a relatively minor one but was still a shock.
I was coming down the Thomson Road flyover, waiting in the very long queue to turn into Marymount Road. When one guy suddenly attempted to cut into my lane with no indicator whatsoever. So, while trying to avoid him, I hit into someone else's rear bumper. =( And of course, the fellow who tried to cut in immediately "gostan" back into his original lane and sped off, thereby saving himself $420 worth of repairs which has to be borne by me. Ugh!! Such irresponsible behaviour.. Sigh!!

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