Tuesday, July 08, 2008

09: Little Miss Inquisitive

Sophie is always looking around at the things around her. She's kind of like a sunflower - you know, turning to follow the sun? Or in her case, the newest source of amusement / interest. So here's a page for Little Miss Inquisitive! Used one of the papers I ordered in from Cosmo Cricket at Joann.com. Ooh yummy. US scrapbook stuff is just so gorgeous! And so super cheap compared to SG, even with shipping thrown in! If only if only I could go again, I would surely buy a bulging suitcase full of scrap stuff.

The page reads "Hmm / Little Miss Inquisitive / Let the story begin / Through the eyes of a child."

The front of tag reads "You can outgrow everything except for my heart"; back of tag (which I couldn't capture before my camera died for lack of batteries) reads "So curious, little miss. I wonder what you're thinking of as you view the world? How strange and unfamiliar everything must seem. May you never lose that sense of wonderment."

One of my shortest pages so far! {happy} - it means I am getting more organized and better with putting my ideas to actuality.

Ingredients list:
8 x 8 paper, paper strip, and journalling tag from Cosmo Cricket's Little Girl Biography collection
Half a punch-out flower (used a hole punch to punch the holes at the edges), tag holder and HMM letters from Making Memories Punch Out Pad
Twill and velvet ribbon from Cosmo Cricket
Buttons from Autumn Leaves' Foof-A-La Bag of Buttons
Star eyelet from KQ
Translucent sticker ("Through the eyes of a child") and transparent letter stickers from MAMBI baby sticker stack
Fig 1, 2, 3 stickers (hahahahahaha so teacher hor??) from Daisy D's Photo stickers
Doodlebug cardstock stickers for the word "inquisitive"
My fave blingblings from AMK's pasar malam
and lace flowers from AMK ribbon shop

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