Sunday, July 06, 2008

Four months / Mouse, Version 1.0

Sophie-Mouse is 4 months old today!

In the past month, she has
- learned to hold up her head more steadily and for longer periods of time
- learned to raise up her backside into the air when she's on her front. However she can still only managed either backside or head, not both, haha.
- become much more wriggly! its a challenge to change her clothes / diaper.
- had her right hand discover her left and vice versa, and both her hands discovered her feet.

She has been very fussy too yesterday. Which is quite bad for me as I am ill and very tired and long for nothing but sleep.. but its impossible to sleep because for some reason she can only be pacified by me? So I had to keep on holding /entertaining her for almost all of yesterday.

The next time we order in a Mouse, can we ask for some upgrades?
- Non-Fussy
- Low Maintenance
- Just as Cute
Will bear these in mind when we commence Project Mouse 2.0 in future. =P

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