Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Jesus My Lord / My Jesus Take My All

New worship songs.. I love love love. =)
They are all indo songs.. indo revival man!

Standing in awe of Your grace / setting my feet in Your ways
Entering into Your presence / to behold You face to face
God of all heaven and earth /holding me in Your embrace
Unfailing love that surrounds me / O God I stand amazed
My Jesus My Lord / You're the love of my life
Wherever You go / wanna be by Your side
No longer I but Christ living in me /
Serving You for all eternity /
My eyes set on You /in this race that I run
No longer my ways / let Your will be done
Make me a servant my heart's ever true /
Clinging to the cross I follow You / I follow You

Mercies that rise with the new morn / Set me apart as a new born
Each moment I live / by faith I believe
With You I'm never alone
Darkness may come, trials seem so long / You are the light I depend on
Through valleys and storms / Your Word keeps me strong
My shelter, refuge and song
I trust in You
Everyday I live I know You are my God
I lift my face and worship You my Lord
Even when the mountains tremble and a thousand fall
I will stand with You, my Jesus, take my all

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