Sunday, July 20, 2008

11: Four Months / 002: My Wardrobe's Community

More scrapping managed over the past week. Heh.

#11: Four Months
Started on the first of a series commemorating each milestone at different age stages of the little miss. I have so many things in mind but no inspiration for exactly how I want things done yet!

The two milestones commemorated in this page are that she can lift her head up more stably and for longer periods of time, as well as trying solids for the first time. So the picture shows her lifting up her head, while the trying solids is represented by the metal circle - don't laugh, its actually the foil cover from her first ever tin of cereal. =P

Also used those little clips that you would normally use for clipping paper together to make "clothes pegs" from which to hang the letters in the word "months". The clips have been sitting on my school table for ages, I don't favour them as they are much too small to hold the amounts of paper I need to handle. Finally found a use for them! As they are quite plain, I stuck on some embellishments too - a felt dove, flower and bling. How?? I think I cannot live without my blings!

In case you cannot read my chicken scratches, it says:
Between three to four months you became more stable on your tummy. You were able to lift up your head for longer periods of time! All the better to see the world around you! And just after 4 months, we tried feeding you your first taste of solids - cereal in your milk. That's the tin cover above! You loved the cereal but your little tummy wasn't ready for it. We'll try again in a few weeks!

#002: My Wardrobe's Community
OK all you non-Bio people will probably not get it, but the word "community" in Ecology is used to refer to all organisms of all species that occupy a particular habitat. So the idea behind this layout is to showcase all the brands of clothes I have! I had plenty more labels I was saving up to include, but our (EX!!) part-time cleaning aunty threw them all away! Ugh!

**Digress!! That cleaning aunty is really ultimate. She throws away all sorts of our stuff every time she comes, unfortunately she comes on a weekday in the morning so I am never at home to tell her off. But the champion thing was when she threw away my unpaid credit card bills, including the cheque that was already written (but not yet posted). To cancel the cheque cost $30! OMG la!! So that's why she's our EX cleaning aunty. Sigh. End digress.**

This layout is an attempt in the "grunge glam" style. Although its not really grungy (no distressed papers, frayed cloths or stained edges, I found it really fun to do as you don't have to care the slightest bit about colour matching - well at least I threw all my colour matching to the wind! And I pretty like the result.

Did a few "draft" versions to see how the various labels would look in different arrangements. And eventually I decided on this one.

versus the final layout below:

Details details! Enormous silk flower and a velvet brad.. yummy! Mounted on a pink vinyl/rubber tag that was attached to the back of the "I am drug free" metal tag that *ahem*everyone*ahem* in school has except me. See what I can do with such stuff? So donate your tags to me, quick!

Lovely iron-on dragonfly! Living an alternative life as a scrapbook embellishment. Oh well..

Wood flourish from Kaiser Crafts. I heart them! It kind of came about by accident as I needed something to hold the folded silk flower down. The wood flourish does quite a good job of it I must say.


I am too lazy to type out the (long) ingredients list now, will do it some other time hopefully! Night!

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