Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Fall

Sounds like rain or snow doesn't it?

Nope, actually referring to Sophie's first fall.

She has now learnt to roll and rolled all over the place till she fell off the bed on Sunday night and landed on the floor. Fortunately there was no major injury, just a bruise on her forehead. But the poor girl of course bawled her head off. She was pretty good about it though, stop screaming after just about 10-15 minutes. So brave!

We rushed her to Mt Alvernia's A&E where the doc examined her and said she should be fine. My tough little girl! Yeah!

The funniest part was, we had just left Mt A from visiting Cheng + Francis new baby girl (Jennan!) and gotten home when she fell. In less than 2 hours we were back at Mt A again! So we decided to bring the little miss upstairs to meet Aunty Cheng. Too bad Baby Jennan was already back in the nursery by then and didn't get to meet Sophie-Jiejie.

Quote Tiffany:
The first fall is always the most scary. After a while, the threshold to go to A&E becomes very high.

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