Monday, May 28, 2007

Genetics is all around Answers!


With reference to Figure 3.3 in the previous post, describe how the family picture shown demonstrates the principles of genetics.

Assume that parents are homozygous for all traits examined.

- Body shape
Round body shape is dominant over giraffe body shape! The offspring demonstrates the same body shape as its' "I am NOT a pig" parent.
Sadly, this is the case of most of us - the endomorphs of the world unite! Yeah! Then again, giraffe body shape is not much better - note the pear shaped figure!

- Fur colour
Mottled giraffe markings are dominant over red fur. This is shown by the offspring inheriting mottle-y markings.

- Body size
Inherited in an incompletely dominant fashion. Alternatively, this may be an example of multifactorial inheritance.

- de novo mutations
Items such as the appearance of horns and shaggy scruffy fur.

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