Friday, May 11, 2007

People of great attitude

I really love my ZS Jeremy Choy so much!!!

He is a fantastic ZS, every time I attend a zone meeting, I will be just overwhelmed by the way he teaches and preaches. His sermons are funny, engaging, and most importantly of all REAL and PRACTICAL. He is able to make the Word of God so alive and revelatory and make you see things in a whole new light even though you have read the passage many times before. His sermons bring conviction and he is also bold to challenge his people to change!

Previously, when we used to be under Pastor Derek directly, Jeremy would sometimes come to preach at UM1 when Pst D was overseas. That was the first time I ever heard him and I must say I was so amazed by his ability to make his sermon relate to everyone in the room. Yesterday, we had 2.5 hour long (Oh my tian) combined (all the more jialak!) CG and yet everyone was so involved, engaged, and getting steady stream of revelations throughout. I think we must have been the noisiest room in Riverwalk last night!

And yet even though he’s such an anointed man of God, he is still so approachable, so down to earth, and so relational. He is the kind of person who will instantly make you feel comfortable and you can really tell his heart is for the welfare of his people and not for himself at all. He’s so humble and has such a great attitude. He will never demand your respect but you just cannot help but respect him and the way he does his things.

He is really the best ZS… Actually, all my ZS have held the title of “Best ZS”, because God places me under the best people for me at those time in my life. Haha! So all my CGLs have been “Best CGL” too! Also for my ministry leaders.. My SLs, ACU and CU. They are the best ever! And of course, my Pastors.. The absolutely most fantastic people! Pst Chee Kiang.. Pst Derek and of COURSE Pastor Kong and SUN too! Feels good hor?? And its so true because every one of them has sowed something unique to make me the Huiming I am today.

Would you say “Wah huiming you’re so fortunate. All your leaders are so GOOD?” Well, it’s not just about how GOOD my leaders are to me, its about what I do to receive wat they have to teach me. In another words, its about my own attitude JUST AS MUCH. I wouldn’t receive so much if I have a closed mind or if I am unwilling to humble myself to accept the teachings.

Yupp, it all goes back to the attitude.. which is what Pst did touch on while preaching last weekend at sermon of the mount series. None of my leaders are perfect and neither am I. But my attitude should reflect my character, which should not vary with my circumstances.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, Character is “A defining quality; the combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another.” – So if I have a good character, I am distinguished from others in a GOOD way.

Interesting thing that Jeremy brought up yesterday.

Middle class workers and millionaires were asked to pick attributes they wanted in a woman.
Middle class workers top attributes was a “Good Body”
Millionaires top attributes was a “Good Character”

Hm, so since my boyfriend chose me, will he become a millionaire one day?? Since he already has the mindset of a millionaire!

I also realised that leaders in Usher ministry, all have the same character traits. Now don’t confuse character with temperament – temperament is more on the externals (funny, boring, whiny, sleepy, quiet) whereas character is more on internal things like meticulous, spirit of excellence, responsible, faithful, humble etc. That’s why we can all work together in the same ministry, and flow together to make things happen. A great temperament is a bonus for a great character but a great character is the skeleton of it all.

OK, what a long and rambling post.

Let’s end this off with a non-exhaustive list of people of great character who have impacted me. You’ll be the focus of my as-yet-unwritten “The 10,000 people I meet in heaven” book!!

Pst Chee Kiang + Evelyn (What can I say, you have made me 80% of who I am today. Thank you Pst and Ziying)
Ryan Pung (I miss coffee talks and hearing your wisdom – we should revive that soon)
Andrew (Ah Wai!)
Li Yee (Ah Yee!)
Ivory Tan Siang Ya
Chris Ong (he who I used to be scared of!)
Zhang Xueling (Most-S-and-loving-CGL-ever)
Jeremy Choy (
Melvin Lye (One of the greatest attitudes I have ever seen)
Kenny Low (Thinking towards a vision)
Francis Yu Daxiong (Big Bear!)
Keeve Tan (K-E-E-V-E!)
Jasmine Lim
Jingxuan (Stork!)
Meng Ching (Sweet Princess OMC)
Rachel (conscientious, meticulous, responsible)
Francis Kho
Anna Cai (10 years my junior and more anointed than anyone I know)
Claire Yeo (so much faith in such a tiny body)
Ling Kai
Hansen Sy (ostensibly I was your leader but you taught me)
Terence Tan
Wenhui (
Bea (Never can I thank you enough)
Eugene (The Logis guru not just for what you do but how you think and plan)
Roger (Man of weird thoughts but great thoughts anyway!)
Caiyun my 云姐姐
Jing (She who gets things done without losing sight of the big picture)
Cheewei (Man of vision)
Jannesis (Patience, persistence and keep on keeping on)
Meizhen (I love your great attitude and humility – you are a fantastic friend)
Karen Poh (pillar of Logis and hugging machine)
Li San (you taught me purpose)

Lawrence (you taught me passion)
Hui Erl

Going for class! Rats! Will continue when I am back..

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