Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In three days time I end one life

and begin another.

I will miss my mother and father, my sweet silky terrier, my ulugamalated twenty-third floor Yew Tee flat.
I will miss the teeth-chattering breezes that blow in the night and the misty view over the hill.
I will miss my supperclub buddies, Yew Tee's foodcourt beehoon and going to Bukit Timah Market on a whim.
I will miss taking Alan's Silly-Car, Yongwei's little March that he *always* drives to the wrong block.
I will miss walking home from the MRT with Meizhen.
I will miss the relative peace and quiet of Yew Tee - realised how much i have come to value it after one frenetic dinner at Ang Mo Kio.

I will miss my purple-and-white room and being able to sprawl on my purple bed whenever and whatever.
I will miss being able to open the fridge and find konnyaku jelly made by my dad.
I will miss finding bananas, always, on the kitchen table.
I will miss my white desk.

I will miss being myself.

For in three days, I am no longer me. I am to move on to a new phase of my life.

Looking forwards... Jiayou.

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