Friday, May 18, 2007

When a Stork commands, all obey.

for huiming:
1. i didn’t befriend you larh…anyway you were my SL, i didnt really have a choice to want to be friendly to you or not right? teehee!’re a song machine. but anyway, it gotta be “4S5 ai Huiming”
3. you call people at 11.30pm to tell lame jokes but you’re aslp when i call at the same time to tell you one!
4. i used to think it was xmas cookies..but now i think it is when jess hong called on sat night to tell me that i cannot don’t serve the next day or you will call me. (so fierce la, lion SL) =(
6. how did he propose to you? (i am currently very interested about other people’s love lives perhaps due to my lack there of)
7. the one you’re using now..or the one with the can drinks in korea. teehee!

In reply:
1. Tell you why I friended you - would you believe it if i said i befriended you because you were my usher? Haha!
2. Associate you with a song/film - Some french movie. I have no idea why too!
3. Tell a random fact about you - You persist for THREE DAYS in trying to tell lame jokes! Worse than me! haha!
4. Tell a first memory about you - Honestly I don't remember. Oh dear. Should be some ushering memory bah. probably along the lines of seeing a stork flying around a zone?
5. Associate you with a character - The rabbit in 大白兔奶糖!
6. Ask you something I've always wanted to know about you - What's your 条件 for a guy? Heh. So I can help you keep a lookout; in two weeks time I'll officially be able to fit into the role of a matchmaker (read: old married woman). Heh.
7. Tell you my favourite user pic of yours - Of course the ones with me in it taken during your birthday! Seriously. The makeup competition one, the makeover in green one.. Haiyah. You are too photogenic liao. Take a picture of the stork legs and put it up!

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