Monday, June 09, 2008

Tongueprints / Cacophony of Sound

Sophie has discovered her newest toy - her tongue. Now, she loves to stick her tongue out and is licking everything in sight. Which means everything near her has got to very very clean and we can't leave her unsupervised!

She also leave tongue-prints on Mummy when she has her tummy time with me. When she has tummy time on my chest she tried very hard to hold her head up. However as her head control is not very strong yet she sometimes wobbles her neck and falls to my chest, and when the tongue is out, it means very moist tongue-prints appear on my shirt!

Also, she has a new sound almost daily. No more just wailing and snorting! She probably has over 50 specific sounds by now? The newest one is a low, wet, drawn out "giiiiiiiiiiiiiii". You can almost hear the saliva bubbles burbling as she makes it. Heh. And when we "giiiiiiiiiiiiiii" back at her she breaks out into the cutest toothless grin.

My baby is growing up so fast...

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