Thursday, June 05, 2008

Attempts at Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is my new favourite pastime!! And also my new spending vice. Oops..

Here are my first two attempts:

Page 1: Smily Sophie

Work in progress.. Oops the ribbons are "sengeh". And the felt heart is pasted there to cover up the "sengeh" overlap between the photo and the sticker too. =P

I was stuck for quite awhile thinking how to fill up the blank spaces.. finally inspiration strikes

Finished product! I tried out the effect of using mounting tape for the sticker in the lower right hand corner to give a 3D feel. Quite like the effect.

1 8"x8" pink polka dot paper
1 x 4R shot of Sophie cropped to about 2"x4"
6 x stickers from Spotlight
3 x brads from Made With Love
1 x rub-on from Spotlight
2 x ribbon (one from Made With Love, one from cupboard)
1 x felt heart from somewhere on my table
4 x shiny paper courtesy of American Express flyers (ha ha - I used the non-printed side) - One piece as background for photo, can you find the other 3 pieces?
Black permanent OHP pen and lots of tape and glue dots

Page 2: Bathe Time

Work in progress.. Wanted to add some more design elements on the bath picture itself but in the end cos I really like the clothes stickers that came with the scrapbooking kit, I decided to put them all together on this page.

Finished product! It is very "horizontal" though with almost all the design elements running in horizontal lines.. text as well as the 4 clothes on clothes line below. Hmm.. Shall remember to give more variety in the page next time.

1 8"x8" pink criss-cross paper
1 x 4R shot of Sophie cropped to about 3.5"x6"
2 x stickers from Made With Love
4 x dress stickers from the scrapbook kit - pasted on cardboard and used mounting tape for 3D effect
3 x alphabet cutouts from Spotlight
1 x string from my cupboard
1x shiny paper courtesy of my inexhaustible American Express flyers
Black permanent OHP pen and lots of tape

How?? Give comments please? 这是我的第一次啊!
Much welcomed any comments and suggestions/ideas!

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