Friday, June 13, 2008

3 Month Report

Sophie has gone for her 3 month checkup at Aunty Tiffany's clinic on Monday.

She is now 60cm long and weighs 6.0kg! That is just on the 50th percentile for babies of her age. So her growth is quite on track.

She also had to take her 5-in-1 jab that day. Mummy entertained her while Aunty Tiffany prepared the jab. Amazingly, Sophie did not even know when the jab went in! She was most well behaved while we were out - no fever or fussing. Mummy, Daddy and Aunty Tiffany were able to have lunch at Bakerzin in peace. But its a different story when she came home, for the past 2 days since the jab she has been really fussy and grouchy. Thats alright, she will get extra patience and patting for being such a brave girl on Tuesday. =)

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